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Pinterest To Life: Terrarium

There’s just something about having plants around a home that help to ‘make’ a space.  Unfortunately for me, I can’t have plants in the house because I have pesky, nosey cats who like to eat said plants and dig in the dirt that they grow in.  I can’t even get fresh flowers without a fear of them being eaten or knocked over when I’m away at work. 

But then one day, while browsing on Pinterest, I saw something that lifted my spirits a bit… made me hopeful.  Perhaps I could actually have a plant in my home?

I absolutely LOVE the look of these terrariums and from the moment I saw this pin, I knew that I wanted to make one of my own.  I wasn’t going to make any type of terrarium though, I was going to make one filled with cacti!  If the cats want to play with it, I figured it would probably only take one try before they are turned off by the sharp pricks! 😉 … oh I am a mean, mean lady

Last weekend was rainy and dreary – perfect for a little DIY craft time.  While out on our weekly shopping trip, I decided that I would start looking for some cacti. Then, low-and-behold, we walked into our local Canadian Tire to find a rack filled with little mini cacti marked down to 50% off!!  $6 later, I had a little weekend project ahead of me.

I actually already had the perfect round vase leftover from our wedding reception last year, along with some potting soil and little pebbles.  All I needed to do was put everything together!

I started with a layer of soil and then planted the cacti VERY CAREFULLY.  Working with a cactus in a tight space isn’t the funnest job in the world.  If you try this, I suggest wearing some gloves for protection! .. I may or may not still have some teeny needles in one of my fingers! .. In the end, I made use of some spoons to get them right where I wanted.  Once the cacti were in place, I topped the soil with pebbles and voila! A terrarium for only $6!


This post only goes to show how much I need to brush up on my photography skills.. 😉 Or get a better camera! lol  I never realized how hard it was to photograph something in glass until I attempted to photograph this sucker!

And one more shot from my iPod!

Regardless, this looks wicked in my living room and I am not pretty happy that I actually have a plant!!!

I spotted Boo with her nose in it not long after I finished and that certainly didn’t last long. HeHeHe 😉



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