Nike Training App

Let’s talk about workouts today!

I haven’t written much about my workouts in the past little while, as I had been concentrating mostly on running and riding. And, well.. there’s only so much I can write about in regards to those two sports while keeping things interesting!  Now that I have successfully completed another running goal (completing the Sportinglife 10K), I’ve sort of changed my fitness direction yet again.  

I had actually toyed with the idea of participating in a local 8K this coming weekend, but the weather forecast doesn’t look so great and the $ would much rather stay in my bank. 😉  That being said, I’ve decided to take it easy a bit on the running for the next little while (maybe go out once a week?) and change my fitness focus to something new and different.

Enter the Nike Training Club App!

This app is essentially a personal trainer on your iPod/iPhone and is totally FREE!!!

Depending on how long you want to work out, or what type of workout you want to do, this app has it. Nike even went so far as to separate the workouts into different skill levels making it even easier to choose the one that is right for you.


Last night, I was crunched for time, but really wanted to get a quality workout in. I then remembered that I had this app and decided to try out one of the “Get Focused” workouts.  Since I had been doing a lot of running and riding lately, I figured a good upper body workout would do the trick so I picked one called “Sculpted Arms”.

Here’s what it looked like:


At first glance, I had a pretty good idea what I needed to do for all of the moves. But, there were a few that I needed clarification on. No need to hit up google though! Nike really did think of everything here.  If you need clarification on a move, just tap on the move and they show you frame by frame stills as to how you perform them.  For even more clarification, they’ve even included a video of each move! 

Here’s the Frogger to Shoulder Press move:

Once I felt comfortable enough with the moves, I began the workout and right from the start was SO IMPRESSED!  You workout to your own playlists with the built-in trainer talking to you and training you at the same time!  I never once had to look at my iPod throughout the workout as the trainer prompted me when it was time to change things up.  The voice over coaches you as well by reminding you of proper form and providing much welcomed motivation. After the quick, 15 minutes of intensity I found myself absolutely dripping in sweat and feeling so accomplished! In addition to that post workout high, I was then alerted of the fact that the 15 minute workout had earned me a lovely reward!

Via this app, rewards mean that you earn free workout downloads from certain celebrities like one of my favs – Lea Michele!  It’s just another nice little touch that helps to make you want to keep pushing harder.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this free app and definitely plan to make it a regular in my workout routine for the next little bit.

Well done Nike.  Thank you!!


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