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T-2 Days Until 10K

We have our numbers and are raring to go!

Can you believe that I am entry number 19172 for this race?! Apparently there is going to be approximately 22,000 runners on Sunday. HOLY COW!!  Unfortunately, the cut-off for the Nike tech shirts was at 19,000 so we both just missed getting one. But, that’s ok.  This run isn’t all about the shirt.  It’s about something bigger.  This race is about proving to myself that I really can do anything that I put my mind to.

…it’s also about helping to send kids with cancer to camp. 😉

I did my last pre-race run Tuesday night where I completed about 7.38km while running from zombies.  I’ve just been doing lighter daily workouts since then and plan to rest as much as I can on Saturday so that I’m nice and fresh for the big day.

I’m going to tackle this 10K with my 5min/1min run/walk strategy and hope for the best.  Two years ago when I did this race, I completed it in 1hr and 4 minutes.  I would love to finish closer to the 1hr mark this year so we’ll just have to see what happens Sunday!

And now I will just make one final fundraising plug simply because the cause is so great. As of this moment, the total raised so far for Camp Ooch is $1,325,819.28!!!  The goal is $1.5 million – they are SO close!  If you are wanting to donate, we’d love it if you did so via Chris’ donation page – HERE.  I have already reached my donation goal, so he needs help reaching his now!  Thank you so much!

Wish me luck! 😉


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