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DIY Home Office: Progress

I’ve been meaning to set up an actual office area for quite some time now and finally my act of registering to go back to school, set the plan in motion.  My work on my ‘office’ has been off and on over the past weeks in between working on the yard when the weather is nice.  Thankfully, last night I finally got to hanging my new bulletin board and a shelf to give the space a more polished look.  I still have a ton of work to do on the area, but I finally have some visible progress and wanted to share!

To refresh your memory, the last time you saw my office space, it looked a bit like this:

Well… now it looks like this! (oh how I wish I had a window in this room for some natural light!)

Although the space is not 100% complete as of yet, it is now ready enough for me to start school again tomorrow! (I’m SO excited for that by the way!)

The goal was to transform this space with as little $$$ as possible, so I planned on doing this makeover in several stages.

Here’s what this first stage entailed:

  • paint an accent wall – used paint already on hand, bought a new roller and a brush at the dollar store for a total cost of $3.00
  • cork board – we talked about this earlier in the week. I bought the board and gave it a makeover with supplies that I already had on hand for a total cost of $6.50
  • shelf – I had leftover pine that was already pre-cut from a project I did last summer so I gave it a quick paint with paint that I already had on hand. I already had the wall brackets on hand, but we’ll include them in the total here. They cost $4.00 for the pair
  • furniture – we already had all pieces of furniture on hand so total cost here is $0

Overall Cost for Stage 1 = $13.50

Not too shabby right?! 😉

Unfortunately the rest of the makeover is going to cost a bit more, so I’m on the hunt for good sales before I proceed.  Here’s what we have left on the list to complete this space:

  • paint the ceiling – the entire basement ceiling needs to be painted a nice fresh white. Ceiling paint is pricey, so I’m waiting for that to come on sale.
  • paint the right/left walls – they are the only 2 walls left to be painted in the basement now. I ran out of paint to finish them up, so again, just waiting on a good sale for paint!
  • paint the filing cabinet – this is a dark basement, so I’d like to paint this sucker bright white, perhaps with some sort of pattern on the front of the drawers? Just need to find me a sale on spray paint!
  • paint a bookcase – we do have a black bookcase that is storing all my books from my University days that I can’t part with. It looks WAY too dark against the dark grey wall, so I’d like to paint that white as well.
  • art! – the shelf needs some art and decoration.  I will probably DIY something, just not sure what yet.
  • lighting – a nice table lamp would work well here too

It will definitely take some time to be complete 100%, but that’s ok with me.  Next week will mark 5 years since I first moved into this house, so the fact that I’ve gotten this far is already a HUGE deal to me! It’s nice to finally be transforming a space that had been left untouched for so long.

Now, off I go to hunt for sales on paint!! 😉


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