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When I signed up for the upcoming Sporting Life 10K last month, I had felt a sudden urge to go out and get myself some new running gear.  I not only needed a few things, but I wanted to pick up a few items to try to make my runs a little more enjoyable.  I’ve gotten quite a few new items that I now consider necessities to my running wardrobe, so I thought that I would dedicate a post sharing them with you.

First up on the list was a need for new shoes.  I initially began my current training with the same pair of shoes that I learned to run in 2 years ago. Big NO NO!  I have purchased new shoes since then, but it turned out that they weren’t the proper type of shoe for me as they gave my major shin splints. (that pair is solely my gym rat/workout shoe now)  I did some research, and of course, shopped around for some deals.  It just so happened that The Running Room had several different Brooks shoes on their clearance.  I had heard good things, so I made sure I knew what type of runner I am and managed to match my style to a pair of Brooks Glycerin 8 that they had on for $59.99!  A week later, I had some new kicks!

Of course, the first thing that I had to do before lacing up, was attach my Nike+ sensor.  There was such a difference between my old and new shoes! 😉

From the moment I put these babies on, I was in love.  It felt as though I was walking on soft squishy clouds! Needless to say, they are now my new favourite running shoe and I am confident that I will be able to complete my upcoming 10K pretty pain-free. 🙂

With the most important piece of running gear taken care of, it was time to branch out and get some gear for the rest of my body. It just so happened that there was this CRAZY warehouse sale in a local arena right when I needed to shop for gear.  The sale was for all kinds of sports gear including top brands like Brooks and Fila.  As per a recommendation from a co-worker, I set out to check out this sale not once – but twice!!! The deals were absolutely unbelievable!  Want to see what I got?

I was so excited when I pulled a running skirt out of the box. I’ve been wanting one for a while now and at a $6 price tag, there was NO way that I was leaving it behind.  The only thing about it was that there was only ONE and it was a size M. I am an S, so it was a tad big on the waist, but I had another plan to fix that up which you’ll see below. 😉 

Before this sale, my tech workout clothes were limited to tanks and 1 tee, so I was really happy to see such a great deal on long-sleeved tech tops.  It can still be fairly cold around here this time of year and it’s been really nice to have long-sleeved tech clothing to keep me dry on my runs.  I’ve tried out the shorts once and already can tell that they are going to be a definite welcome to my running wardrobe when it starts heating up outdoors.

Some new outfits!!! …


I don’t have any stand-alone shots, but the Addidas running crops (above) are another fairly new addition. I picked these up before our trip to Jamaica and wore them on the plane.  I have put in quite a few runs wearing these suckers and they have definitely become my go-to bottom wear for colder days.  As for the tank in the photo on the right, that’s a Lululemon top that I actually purchased used from Ebay! I paid $25 and it’s in practically brand new condition.  I wanted a tank that was on the lighter side and more flowy and this one fit the bill.  As of this moment, the plan is to wear the outfit on the right for the race this Sunday!! I took it out on a test run last night and everything went well!

Now that we got all of the clothing out-of-the-way, I’ve also acquired 2 more pieces of gear that I now deem essential for runs. 😉

First up …

Want to know how much this one cost me???


Let’s just say that one of my co-workers rocks!!  He’s been winning selling promos on a weekly basis and has been distributing his prizes to everyone else in the office.  This 32G 4th Gen iPod touch was his prize several weeks ago and he GAVE it to me!!!  Thanks to him, I can now run from zombies!! 😉  I’m also actually really looking forward to having this sucker with me for the big race this weekend as it means that I won’t have to lug a camera along with me.  I’ll just be able to pull out the iPod now and snap shots along the way!  I didn’t bring a camera last time Chris and I ran this race and was really sad for it in the end because I was unable to capture some things that I really wanted documented — ie. the SEA OF PEOPLE!  There are 22,000 people registered to run this Sunday, so it’s going to be really neat to get photos throughout the race. 🙂

Upon acquiring the iPod, I knew I had to figure out how I was going to carry it while I ran.  I tried an armband in the past when I had my old 1st Gen Nano and really wasn’t a big fan of having it on my arm when I ran.  So with an armband ruled out, I really only had one other option. I needed some sort of waist pack and only 1 came to mind.

Yes, I picked up myself a SPIBELT!  And was actually very surprised to find it at my local Sport Chek for the same price that Spibelt sells them online – $20! In terms of running gear, this belt was hands down the best $20 I have ever spent. It not only acts as a belt to hold up my too-big-for-me running skirt, but it holds my iPod and my keys!  The best part though is that I don’t even FEEL this on me when I’m running.  It doesn’t doesn’t bounce.. it’s perfect!  Also, with my black flowy tank, you wouldn’t even know that I had any sort of running belt on!  If you are a runner and do not own one of these yet, I HIGHLY recommend you shell out the $20 and get one.  It’s so much nicer putting your items in the belt vs. stuffing all of the tiny pockets in your clothing.

So, there you have it folks.  All of the new running gear that I have acquired in the past 1-2 months.  Each item has helped to make my running life a little easier and more comfortable in some way and for that I am thankful.  I can’t wait to test this new stuff out on race day now!  4 days to go! 🙂


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