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Training For A 10K

It’s been about about 3 weeks now since I made the announcement that I had officially registered to run the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto on May 13.  I haven’t really blogged about my workouts or running since then, so I figured you deserved an update on my training progress so far!

As you see above, I am still training with my Nike+ sportband (which I reviewed here last year) and just love it!  Now you might be asking yourself “why has she only done 9 runs in the past month, but plans to run a 10K in only 10 days?”.  Here is your answer. 😉

When I ran my first and only 10K to date back in 2010, my race preparation came via starting flat out with the couch to 5K program only 3 months before.  I had run my first 5K a month before and then just continued to run and attempt to tackle a 10K.  I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t as physically fit as I would have liked to be to run that 10K.  Yes, I finished.  And yes, I finished with a GREAT first 10K time of 1:04:05, but that race was run mostly on emotions, heart and inner strength.  I will never forget how horrible I felt at around km 8-9 of that race.  I still considered myself to be a beginner runner at that point and had the mentality that I would be weak and ‘wrong’ to walk.  I made myself run the entire 10K (didn’t even walk at the water stations), but I paid for it towards the end.  By km 8-9, I experienced THE MOST HORRIBLE cramps I could have ever imagined.  I wouldn’t let myself walk though and continued to slowly jog along with the most horrible, painful look on my face.  It was HARD.  I did finish the race with a smile on my face, but that awful feeling I had in the last 1/4 of the race had me completely turned off running for a while.

Fast forward to this past year.

It’s amazing how your mentality changes as you age, even after only a year, but especially after you go through something really tough. My really tough something would be the hell I went through last summer/fall with my mysterious bought of chronic hives.  Last summer/fall, I did no running and no riding on my horse.  I had lost my athletic identity.  Thankfully as we progressed into winter, my hives seemed to fade and I can now happily say that I haven’t had any for months! *knock on wood* I started off with my workout challenges at the beginning of december and worked on making my body strong again.  It didn’t take long for me to become a little addicted to my new workout lifestyle and I found myself thriving to continue on making my body stronger and stronger.  I can really truely say that my body now feels stronger than ever!  So let’s get back to talking about running again now. 😉

I stepped back on a treadmill in February for the first time in months.  Although I did experience a small issue with itchy hives as my body heated up, I did notice that running came surprisingly EASY even after so many months off!  I continued to try running again when Chris and I were in Jamaica and the hives issue wasn’t as bad.  Upon returning from our vacation, the beautiful weather prompted me to continue to include running into my weekly workout routine and eventually, I had the confidence to sign up and tackle that 10K again.

So what’s different now?

Since I started running again, I have actually had to adopt the Galloway run-walk-run method as a way to keep the hives at bay.  I was happy to be able to run again so I quickly tossed out my old ideas of what was ‘right’ when it came from running.  I didn’t have to run full out with no breaks to be strong. I just felt strong to be running. Period.

Want to know the best part?

The Galloway method totally works!!!!

Check out this run from last Sunday:

I completed this run by running for 5 minutes, walking for 1 minute, running for 5 minutes, walking for 1 minute, etc.. I took all of those walking breaks and still managed a personal record for 5K time!!! I’m telling you, swallowing my pride a bit and realizing that walk breaks really were ok was the best thing that I could have done!  I litereally follow the same method for every single run I do now and have learned that taking breaks during my runs help make my runs faster and stronger which is awesome!

So there you have it.  I have adopted a new form of running that is working for me.  My weekly workouts consist of a nice mix of running, riding Chelsea and doing Jillian Michael’s Kickbox FastFix dvd (checkout my workout log under the Fitness tab above).  I’m feeling good and strong, so I’m just going to keep on trucking and tackle that 10K full force in 10 days!

…I’ve also recently purchased some new gear as well to help in this training, but that’s another post, for another day. 😉


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