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Pinterest To Life: The Green Onion Experiment

On a quest to try to actually attempt to recreate things that I pin on Pinterest, I come to you with my most recent experiment.

The Green Onion Experiment.

I saw this pin about 3 weeks ago.

Although I was skeptical at first, when I thought about it and realized how many green onions we actually waste for lack of using them, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try!

The experiment began on April 8 with a few ends of some green onion that I had used up for supper that night.  I placed them in some water right next to our patio door to ensure that they would get a lot of light.  ….all while hoping that cats would ignore them. 😉

I kind of just ignored my little glass of onion bottoms until 8 days later, April 16, when I noticed that the experiment was actually working!  These onions were really growing!

I was actually really surprised that the fact that these babies just kept on growing away.  When the tops would start to get a little brown-ish, I would just snip those off and they would continue to do their thing.

It’s almost too bad that green onions are so cheap, because it would be nice to be able to say that we can now save a TON of money by being able to grow these suckers in the kitchen. But, then again, every penny counts.  I’ll take the $.60-$.80 savings on our grocery bill if it means we ge to watch nature constantly at work in our kitchen with no effort on our part.  All it takes is dumping and freshening up the water every few days.

Finally after 15 days, I decided to harvest some of these last night as a garnish for our supper.  I am happy to report that the were delicious, flavourful, and CRISP!  You would have never know that these have been growing in a glass in the kitchen.

This is definitely, hands down another Pinterest to life success!  Two big thumbs up for being able to grown green onions in a glass! 😉


2 thoughts on “Pinterest To Life: The Green Onion Experiment

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I’m happy to learn that I only have to buy green onion one more time (we are out), even if I am only saving less than a dollar!
    I spend countless hours on Pinterest too.

    • I was so excited that it actually worked! We’re going to buy onions once more so that we can have a bigger stock and just continue to watch those suckers grow! 🙂

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