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Firmoo, Who?

Well, well, well…

Several weeks ago, via Smart Canucks – my favourite go-to site for flyers, coupons and deals – I came across a thread notifying me of a company called Firmoo.  At that time, Firmoo had been running a program to supply free eyewear to bloggers for review.  It just so happened that both of my current go-to pairs of sunglasses had cracks and were on the verge of breaking so I couldn’t not jump at the opportunity.

I took a quick browse through their site and picked a pair of sunglasses that I hoped would work for me.  Sunglasses are one thing that I have a really hard time with in terms of fit.  I have a very narrow face which makes it really hard to find glasses that don’t look goofy on! 😉  I also have a hard time with glasses that either press on my cheeks, or put too much pressure on my nose – thus causing headaches… SO glad I don’t have to wear actual glasses for everyday life!  Anyway, the pair I seemed to pick was small in the measurements department, so I felt pretty positive about them.

This all went down on April 4 and yesterday, I picked up my envelope from the post office that came via registered mail all the way from China!  I couldn’t believe how fast my new glasses got here!

I couldn’t wait to tear into that sucker and was so pleased as to what I took out of the envelope!  The glasses not only came in their own hard case, but Firmoo also included a soft carrying bag, a lens cleaning cloth, and a small glasses screwdriver.  VERY IMPRESSED!

The glasses themselves were packed so well that they made the trip from China with not even a slightest mark.

Now, to the most important thing… the fit!

I knew at first glance that these beauties would definitely fit the width of my face. Meaning I did well on estimating the proper measurements.  I popped those suckers on and.. bam!!

They fit perfectly!!!

And most importantly, they don’t even come close to touching my cheeks and they barely put any pressure on my nose.

I’m actually surprised that I’m going to say this, but these are hands down THE BEST sunglasses that I have ever gotten my hands on.

After wearing them around the house for a bit last night, they had their official first test run on the drive to work this morning (thank goodness it was actually sunny!).  I usually have a bit of a headache by the time I get to work because my old glasses put so much pressure on my nose.  With these glasses from Firmoo, I felt no pressure or pain. PERFECT!

I am SO pleased with this product and the service from the company that I wouldn’t even hesitate to order another pair of glasses from Firmoo in the future.  The quality is definitely there, along with great customer care.  If you need new glasses or sunglasses, I highly recommend that you check them out.  They even have a free pair promo (you just pay shipping) for new customers!!

Thank you Firmoo!


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