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By Golly, I Have A Pantry!

To say that my kitchen lacks in pantry space would definitely be an understatement.  The poorly designed kitchen that our home came with contained a pantry space that was about 2.5ft wide, 3 ft high and 1 foot deep.  It was enough space to deal with when I lived in the house by myself, but once Chris moved in and we needed to stock about double the amount of food, the space became very limited.  We had to start storing extra non-perishables in the basement and the protein… well, we pretty much had tubs of protein every where!!! Protein in the basement… protein in the coat closet… protein piled in the pots and pan cupboard… protein on a bookcase! It was getting pretty bad.

I know that I’ve said many times here on the blog that I’d like to re-do the kitchen. But, things come up and the money/time just hasn’t been available to us as of yet.  When we decided to go to Jamaica again this year, we did so with the understanding that we’d just deal with the kitchen as is until we had the money and time to tackle it.  Unfortunately that didn’t solve the lack in storage space.

Now, let’s change direction in this story a little bit… 😉

Several months ago, I spotted some really nice looking dvd stands in the Canadian Tire flyer for the low, low price of $29.99.  I immediately got the idea to snag 2 of these stands for our movie/game room to replace the PANTRY that was being used to hold all of our dvds.  Yes, I said it, we use a really nice IKEA pantry as a dvd holder. 


A pantry that is FULL of dvds… meaning we really need a new storage solution for them so that we can hold more.  The first day of that sale, I headed on over to Canadian Tire with a jump in my step. Sadly, that jump was quickly squashed when I realized the skid of dvd stands was empty. All of the stores in our area were completely out of stock on the first day. Bummer!

Fast forward to last Thursday now…

During my weekly flyer checking, my heart skipped a beat as I sifted through the latest Canadian Tire flyer. They had the same dvd stands on sale again for the same low price of $29.99!!!  Instead of waiting until after work to go over and try to purchase some, I sent my fabulous mother over to the store early Friday afternoon. Low and behold, they had 4 in stock!  So she picked up 2 for us and my excitement began to build once again.

This past Sunday was going to be the day. The day that I finally got a pantry in the kitchen!

The morning was spend building our new dvd stands, which look fantastic in person by the way. 😉

And then I got to the task of filling them up with our extensive dvd collection…

We now have 1 rack for all of our television shows: (yes, we still need to re-install the baseboards in this room.. it’s only been 2 years since we lay down the laminate! oops!)

…and one for our movies:

But don’t think for a second that this is it for our movie collection… Oh no! We also have a smaller stand in the closet which houses the 80’s/early 90’s collection… and the Blu-rays live in another cabinet in the closet with the video games. 😉

With the movies looking fantastic in their new home, it was time for my new pantry to make its way into the kitchen!!!

…let’s just say the process of getting it downstairs wasn’t the prettiest, but we managed. 😉

Now, I haven’t shown the kitchen on here in quite some time, so here’s the scene pre-pantry.


The plan was to say goodbye to the lovely pot holder and replace it with the pantry.  Down the road, when we actually renovate the kitchen, I’d like to extend the counter across this empty space adding storage on top and bottom. For now though, the pantry works for me!

Moving all the food into the pantry, now allowed us to actually have open and organized cupboards for our pots and pans.  The former pantry cupboard now houses the smaller pots and pans:

Can you believe that was all we had for pantry space before the actual pantry????!?

Now the larger pots and pans can actually breathe a sense of organization in their cupboard without miscellaneous tubs of protein squashed in there.

And my pantry…. oh the new pantry!!!!

Well, let’s just say that it’s time to start stocking up! lol It looks like we barely have any food now!! 😉



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