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An Unexpected Face-Lift

Do you remember when I spoke of a mini-disaster in our dining room last week?

Well… here’s what happened…

Yup. I broke the blinds…

Last Monday morning, while rushing through the house during my mad dash out the door, as I went to open the blinds, the string on the big one made a big SNAP! The result was a big blind that I could no longer open. And, to be completely honest, it wasn’t something that I was even going to look into getting fixed.

At first, I was FURIOUS at what had happened.  I may have panicked a bit on the way to the office, but then as I stopped to think, I then realize this may have been a blessing in disguise. Thankfully, I had 2 Home Depot gift cards in my wallet that we had been saving up for a potential kitchen remodel.  The idea of a kitchen remodel had been put on hold for the near future, so we decided to put that $ towards new blinds.  We couldn’t just leave the broken one hanging, and we didn’t want to go the cheapie route knowing we’d just have to replace them again sooner than later.

That being said, I did some searching and we picked out a new blind solution.  My anger about what had happened had completely melted away and I was excited to get the new blinds up to see the transformation of the room!

We made a trip to Home Depot Saturday afternoon and with $0 coming out of our banks, and brought home 3 new sets of blinds for our dining room windows.

Yesterday was transformation day. 🙂

The first step was to remove the old broken blinds… which was a complete pain in the butt by the way.

Next up, I figured that we might as well take advantage of having nothing on the windows and do a little spring cleaning.  All the windows were scrubbed and the screens got a good vaccuming/wash as well.

With everything clean and ready to go, we got to work.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get the small ones to fit quite right and needed to get one more small 1/4 inch cut done at Home Depot before we could get them up.  The big one however fit just perfectly!

It was love at first sight!!!!  In this case photos just don’t do the room and the blinds justice. They are faux-wood blinds and completely transformed the space making it feel lighter, brighter and more modern.

The final product in my mind = perfection! 🙂

For a completely unexpected weekend project, I am pretty surprised and very pleased with the results. Our main living space has now been completely transformed all thanks to an “OH SH$T” moment. Now I can only hope that the next “OH SH$T” moment doesn’t happen unti we have a new gift card stash… 😉

P.S. Remember when I planted garlic in the garden back in early December?  Well, look at what I spotted this weekend!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Face-Lift

    • Having a veggie garden is so fun – and handy!!! I deemed last year to be my best garden yet… but then I got sick and couldn’t work outside and it didn’t thrive as I hoped. So this year will be it!! 🙂
      Good luck with yours! 🙂

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