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You’re Welcome!

I know, I know… we’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now, yet no posting!

To be honest, I’ve been a little preoccupied with getting caught up at work again and getting things in order around the house since being home all while still feeling a bit in Jamaica-mode! 😉

Now, I guess I should get to the point of my title here eh?  Didn’t you notice that this absolutely GLORIOUS March weather hit right about when we came home from Jamaica???? So… you know… you’re very welcome!!! We were happy to bring back the Jamaican sun with us.

How insane has this weather been? I keep having to pinch myself and then remind myself that it really is March and the sun is shining with temps in the 20s!   Fantastic!

Obviously, I had to take advantage of this rare gem that is our current weather. So Friday night, I threw on some capris and a T-shirt, laced up my sneakers, and headed on out for my first attempt at an outdoor run since September!!

My last outdoor run in September was for the Terry Fox Run. A run that was VERY tough and actually caused my lips to swell right up a few hours later. After some stellar treadmill runs in Jamaica, I found myself very excited to get on out there in hopes that I would experience the same results – ie. NO HIVES and NO ITCHINESS.

I headed out on my favourite straight out and back route which just so happens to include some nice little hills for extra work. I felt great. I felt STRONG. And, most importantly, I experienced absolutley NO HIVES! Hell’s Ya!!!! 😀 I had actually planned on a very short distance since it was my first time out in so long, but I practiced my favourite walk/run technique and found I was covering ground so quickly that I powered on through to finish a route that was just under 4.5K.

Those stats aren’t to shabby right?  Looking at it now, I probably could have hit 5K right around the 30min mark. Next time! 😉

I’ve still only done a handful of runs since I started seriously working out in december – this being my 4th one, but I have noticed right off the bat how much the consistant circuit workouts have helped my strength and endurance.  I feel stronger than ever, and that’s so great!! 🙂


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