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Our 2012 Jamaican Vacation

We said this last year, and will continue to say it this year…

Now that we have been to the gorgeous island of Jamaica twice, we have absolute NO desire to ever visit another ‘popular’ Caribbean destination in the future.  No desire to ever visit Mexico… No desire to ever visit Cuba… No desire to ever visit the Dominican Republic…

It’s all about Jamaica for us.

One love.

Since we visited/were married in Negril last year, we decided to visit Ocho Rios this time around for a new experience.  Ocho Rios is located on the opposite side of the island and is conveniently located fairly close to many of the main attractions on the island.

Our home base for this trip was the beautiful Sunset Jamaica Grande resort, which just so happened to be located literally right next to downtown Ocho Rios.

After reading all sorts of horror stories about this resort, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see right off the bat that these complaints are completely out to lunch.  Take our room for example… It was located on the top floor of the North tower (the yellow building on the left in the photo at the top of this post). it was beautiful and exactly what we needed.

And our view was absolutely beautiful!!!  Panning left, we could stare way out into the ocean…

And panning right, we got an incredible view of the mountains and downtown Ocho Rios. The best of both worlds! 🙂

Going into this trip, we planned and hoped for a nice and relaxing time with no schedule and no wedding to worry about. 😉 

When it was all said in done, we did exactly what we set out to do.

Our mornings began right at 7am with an insanely delicious breakfast…

And then, we’d make our way to the pool or the beach to literally lay…. relax…. nap… and read… I even surprised myself by reading 2 entire books in 6 days! (The Vow and Tainted.. both super good!)

Although we did spend the majority of our time doing a whole lot of nothing, we were also sure to get in some good workouts while we were down there.  Actually, one of the things that made us pick this particular resort was the amazing gym facilities!!!  I am proud to say that we both managed to do 4 workouts while on vacation and due to that, I ate my little heart out – dessert and all – and did not gain a pound! 😉

And, it is at this point in the post where I will say with a HUGE SMILE on my face…. I MANAGED TO RUN!!!! Like really RUN!!! WITH NO HIVES/RASH/ITCHINESS!!!!! 🙂  I tried a run the first day there and got the rash/itchiness on my lower back so I did more of a treadmill walk vs. run.  BUT… oh BUT!!! … a few days later after getting a bit of a sun tan/burn, I tried the treadmill again and ran a full 5K with NO WALKING and NO ITCHINESS!! Hell’s Ya!!! It felt oh so good!  I even decided to try again a few days later and did another 30 min stint but via an interval run this time.  I can’t wait to try the pavement now that I’m home in hopes that this good streak stays!

Working out and relaxing aside, I should also note that our resort was literally right next to downtown Ocho Rios.  So this time we did something that we didn’t even think of last year… We walked straight on out of the resort and headed to town… on a mission…

We were on a mission for patties! … but not just any patties..

I will tell you flat-out – this is one instance where all of the Trip Advisor reviews were spot on. If you ever find yourself in or near Ocho Rios, you MUST go to Juici Patties!!!  There were 2 locations both within a 5 minute walk from our resort and it was definitely worth the little outing.  For only $4US, we got what you see below… 2 beef patties, 1 coco bread (which you’re apparently supposed to wrap around the pattie) and a fruit punch.

Soooooo good! Crispy, yet flakey.. not greasy and the perfect amount of spice! mmmmmm..

We even decided to go on an excursion this time too!!!

I had done my research ahead of time and decided that we would try ziplining with Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Overall verdict of Chukka and the ziplining experience = FANTASTIC!!!! All from the driver who picked us up/dropped us off at our resort, to the staff who helped us zipline through the forest while making us feel totally and completely safe, to the ziplining experience as a whole. It was a FANTASTIC excursion and something that I will never ever forget.

All in all, we had a fantastic vacation filled with a lot of fun, fantastic food, relaxation, new friends … and many opportunities to show off those beach bods that we work oh so hard for. 😉 lol

It was definitely a sad moment last Thursday morning as we headed back to our room for the last time after breakfast…

It was an even sadder moment as we sat on the bus on our way back to the airport…

Farewell Jamaica…

…Until next time!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our 2012 Jamaican Vacation

  1. Glad you had a great time! We went to Jamaica once, our honeymoon, and if it wasn’t for the absolutely gorgeous resort (Beaches) it would have been a terrible trip. We did not like Jamaica at all 😦 I find people either love Jamaica or hate it, funny!

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