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Pinterest Love Vol. 3: Office Inspiration

I should have known once I got the basement all tidied and organized that it wouldn’t be long until I wanted to get out my paint brush and polish up my new, clean office space.

Having lived with the current layout for a good 6 weeks or so now, I’ve decided that a little rearranging is in order still to allow for even more floor space.  Picture the desk pressed right up against the back wall, then pushed left a foot and a half so that the filing cabinet can go directly beside it.  I’m envisioning more of a straight line all the way across.

Furniture aside, I have an itch to paint.  This area of the basement still needs paint anyway — I’ve been painting the walls a light grey colour to match the main halls upstairs — but I’ve been thinking of possibly making the back wall a nice accent wall. 

I pose this question to you dearest blog readers:

Do you think a dark grey accent wall (ie. where the Colosseum print is hanging) would work? Even though it’s a basement?

I say dark grey because I already have the paint (leftover from our upstairs game/movie room) and I love the grey tones. So picture the back wall dark grey, the ceiling and trims white and the other surrounding walls a very light grey.

Here are some inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.

Perhaps crisp white floating shelves on the dark grey wall?

I can get 48″ long shelves from Home Depot for only $20!

..Or maybe a different type of organizational technique? Loving this:

Then there’s the possibility of getting one of these cube shelving units (Zellers has them on sale a lot) and mounting it to the wall?

So many things to think about! This will be my next project to tackle once we get home from Jamaica, so I still have some time to consider things.

What do you guys think? Dark grey wall? yay? nay?


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