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What Calorie Counting Has Taught Me

At the beginning of the year, I had made a post explaining that I decided to try a calorie counting experiment while on my quest to get back to my healthy and comfortable weight (which I had gained thanks to having chronic hives and an inability to workout for many months).  If you missed that post, you can read up on it here.

Next week will mark 2 months since I began calorie counting with the use of the website myfitnesspal. I am literally 1lb short of a 10lb weight loss and have decided that I am just about ready to set myself free again. 🙂 We leave for vacation next week and I have made the decision to stop with the calorie counting from then on and begin using the skills that I have learned to move forward. I am SO ready.

I have been strictly counting my calories for 2 months while tracking my workouts/burns for 3, and am pleased to report that I am finally comfortable and happy with my body again.

If anything, I actually find that I look stronger than ever and, most importantly – FEEL stronger than ever!  I’m so ready to forget what the scale says and just rock that bikini next week. Something that I am actually anxious to do as well! 😉 (if you need a reminder, my ‘before’ photos can be seen here)

So, what did I learn by counting calories? Why do I feel ready to stop counting?

I really can’t emphasize enough that my only big issue before beginning this journey was portion control. The main thing that I learned was that although I was eating healthy foods in the past, I was simply eating way too much for my small body.  It was a tough pill to swallow, but realistically, I did not, and DO NOT need to eat as much food as my hubby. I had a hard time cutting down my portions for the first couple of weeks, but now I know how much is really ‘enough’ for a little 5’3 body.

Portions aside, I have also learned how to make even smarter choices when it comes one of our favourites – pizza.  We LOVE pizza and I actually never realized how high the calories can climb when adding fatty, greasy pepperoni.  I mean, I always knew it was bad, but I didn’t realize it was that bad, you know?  We’ve actually had pizza twice in the past couple of weeks and subbed the pepperoni for ham. We didn’t miss it at all!  I have also learned that I don’t need to eat 3-4+ slices like Chris and that 2 really is enough for me.

Pasta has way more calories than I expected too.  I love pasta and admit that I used to make it at least once a week.  Aside from having it maybe once every 2 weeks for lunch at my mom’s, I actually haven’t made it once at home since I started this new journey! The inclusion of spaghetti squash more regularly now helps to curb that pasta craving I used to have.

Those things aside, I feel that I no longer need to track every single thing that goes into my mouth because I now have gained the knowledge of generally knowing how much I should be consuming on a given day.  I’ve learned to eat slower and wait a while after finishing a meal to let my body realize that it really is full.

Myfitnesspal has been a fantastic tool to help kick-start this journey and I will forever be thankful/grateful for it – I just no longer want it running my life.  I feel confident that I know hold the tools to go on with my life in a fit and healthy manner… and I will begin that by enjoying my upcoming vacation!! 🙂 ..besides.. who wants to count calories on vacation?


4 thoughts on “What Calorie Counting Has Taught Me

  1. hey Laura I am looking forward to finally catching up on your blog after a few weeks away!!
    Just wanted to say you look fantastic! And HAPPY!!
    good for you girl

    • Thanks Donna!
      Chris is definitely a LOT like your BF. ie. I only get 2 slices of a large pizza now while he’ll eat the rest! He only works out 3x a week and is totally ripped and doesn’t gain a thing! It’s so unfair! 😛

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