DIY: Case for 6th Gen iPod Nano

Last Friday I finally received my brand spakin’ new 6th generation iPod Nano in exchange for my 6 year old 1st generation one that had been recalled.

Yay!! 🙂

The only problem?

This thing is so darn small and one entire side of it is a screen – so prone to scratches! I needed some sort of case for this sucker pronto.  I got to thinking, and immediately decided that I wasn’t going to fork out any extra money for a case so I had to do the next best thing.  My mission for the weekend, was to make my own case for my new iPod.

Yesterday afternoon, I sent Chris over to the neighbour”s house to watch a movie so that I could get to work. I also took advantage of this time to watch a movie that had been sitting on the PVR for a few weeks now..

About an hour or so later… success!

Curious as to how this came to be?  Well today is your lucky day because I photographed the entire process from start to finish.

DIY: Case for 6th Gen iPod Nano

– first off, I gathered my supplies: some cotton batting, material (scraps from some pillows), a needle, some thread and velcro stickers (thank you Dollarama!)

– lay out the cotton batting and measure the iPod. You want to cut a piece that is double the length and just a bit wider than the iPod


– now measure out/cut your fabric.  Use the batting to measure out fabric. You’ll want to lay it down, then line it up. Next you’ll want to flip it vertically (so you’re doubling the length) and then cut it about an additional 1 inch longer.




– time to get sewing!  Put the batting aside and fold your fabric in half leaving that extra inch of length loose – make sure it’s inside-out!

– sew your little heart out – just a simple stitch, it’s all you need. You just need to sew down both sides to make a pouch.



– Once you have both sides stitched closed, flip that sucker inside out and insert the coton batting


– fold it in half (again, leaving that extra inch of fabric) and sew the sides together again.



– close up the opening where you stuffed the cotton in and then tidy up the 1 inch flap by folding it over into a triangle of sorts – pretend you’re going to wrap a gift


– almost done! Time for the velcro!

– velcro stickers should be fine – so stick those suckers on!


– and there you have it!! Ta Da!


A simple, hand-sewn case for a 6th generation iPod Nano.

Total cost to me = $1 for some velcro stickers. I had everything else on hand.

Score! 🙂


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