Gotta Love A Deal

Everyone loves a good deal.

And it just so happens that this week was packed full of them for me. I couldn’t be happier!!

First off, incase I haven’t made it clear enough on the blog yet, Chris and I are going on a vacation soon! We will be heading back to Jamaica in less than 2 weeks for our first real vacation just the 2 of us!!! (travelling with 27 others for our wedding doesn’t really count as a super romantic time – aside from the wedding of course 😉 ) Even though I didn’t really need anything clothes-wise for travelling this year, that definitely hasn’t stopped me from hunting around for some good deals!

Enter Forever 21 Canada.

It just so happens that I got an email yesterday announcing a 75% sale! I Loooooove sales! After some quick ‘shopping’ I managed to add these into my cart. The tank was $4.50 and the skirt was $5.99! Won’t they make such an awesome outfit?!

I ordered these yesterday and they arrived at my office this morning! So excited to try them on and wear them down south.

The 2nd deal of the week came from of all places!

Thanks to getting a heads up from one of my beloved ‘deals’ websites – – I was alerted to a special online clearance sale on where most items were selling with a $.97 shipping charge!  Again, I didn’t really need anything, but figured I would take a quick look…. just incase, you know? 😉

After I quick scroll through their page I found myself focused on this item:

A neat little 1080P HD handheld camcorder!! Now, we definitely weren’t in the market for a camcorder, but when I saw the price we suddenly realized that this was a deal we just couldn’t pass up.

This particular camcorder is currently $199.99 on

Walmart had it on clearance for $34.99!!!!!!!!!

We couldn’t say no. So I bought it right away Wednesday morning. It arrived yesterday.

I can’t wait to use this sucker while we’re ziplining through the rain forest in a few weeks!! Hopefully I’ll have some wicked movies to show you all when we get back! 🙂

Deal #3 is all thanks to the wonderful people at BzzAgent.

I have been a BzzAgent for several years now and have tested several products such as Multibionta vitamins, Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner and a Philips Epilator.  Yesterday, I received a nice surprise in my inbox inviting me to the newest BzzAgent campaign which just so happens to be with Burt’s Bees!

I have been selected to test their new Sensitive Skin Facial care line and couldn’t be more excited.  Both Chris and I like to use gentle products on our faces so trying out an all-natural brand is really intriguing for us.  You’ll definitely be seeing some posts about our thoughts on this once the product arrievs! 🙂

My 4th deal of the week, is definitely the best and is thanks to Apple.

Back in December, Chris happened to come across an article which said that Apple had recalled all of their 1st gen iPod Nanos due to some sort of battery defect.  It just so happens that we each had one of the old units – and I actually used mine every single day!

Want to know what’s so great about this deal?

Apple promised to replace all of the recalled 1st gen Nano’s for FREE

Want to know what’s even better?

So many people had sent back their 1st gen Nano’s that they quickly ran out of refurbished units, so they were actually sending out BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 6th gen Nanos! That is the current Nano available in store.

And you want to know what just adds as the icing on the cake?

The smallest that you can get the new 6th gen Nano is 8GB.  Our 1st gen Nanos were only 4GB!!

Well, I sent our 1st gen Nanos back to Apple on December 27.  After a LOT of patience and a quick phone call Monday morning, my new Nano arrived.

And it’s just as expected. Granted, the box only included the Nano, but I now have a brand new 6th gen 8GB Nano!  And it was FREE!!!!!!!

So you have a 1st gen Nano laying around still?? I believe the recall program is still running so check it out here – you can input the serial# to see if your unit qualifies.

Now how was that for a great week of deals!?

Happy LONG WEEKEND to any of you who are lucky enough to get Family Day on Monday like us in Ontario!! 🙂


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