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The Meal Plan: February 11-17

I have 3 new recipes on the plan for this week. If all goes well, this just might have to be recipe week on the blog!


Out with friends – making a ‘healthy’ dip layered with homemade refried beans, greek yogurt, homemade guacamole, homemade salsa and cheese.


Baked Atlantic Salmon + Veg (fresh Atlantic salmon, bbq sauce, quinoa, spinach)


Crock Pot Chili (new recipe!! ..if it works, I’ll post the recipe this week)


Split Pea & Pumpkin Soup (this recipe will definitely be posted this week – so good!)


Mushroom Lentil & Turkey Shepherd’s Pie (mushrooms, lentils, ground turkey, potatoes, parsley, garlic)


Leftover Mania!


Pork Stirfry with Udon Noodles (pork chops, frozen vegetables, pad thai sauce udon noodles)


2 thoughts on “The Meal Plan: February 11-17

    • Meal plans rock! Not only have they helped us from buying any extra food.. that will eventually be wasted, but planning has saved us a TON of $$$!!! We tend to average about $60/week! 🙂

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