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Why I Love Jillian Michaels + New Workout Plan

Yes, I did it. I totally just posted a photo of Jillian with heart ‘stickers’ on it and I am not ashamed.

I was first introduced to Jillian Micheals on The Biggest Loser several years ago.  It was actually her overall attitude and way of getting the contestants to dig deep that got me liking the show.  I watched it religiously (and still do), but can honestly say that it hasn’t been the same these past 2 seasons without her.  The other trainers are still fantastic, but The Biggest Loser is just ‘different’ without Jillian.

Several years ago, I had decided that I was going to try out the workout dvd thing and picked up Jillian’s 30 Day Shred in hopes of getting stronger and more fit.  I tried using the dvd a couple of times a week, but then due to the fact that I didn’t really have any sort of concrete plan, I stopped.  I don’t recall ever really picking up the dvd again until 2 months ago when I started to really make the changes.  If you’ve read yesterday’s post (if not, go read it quick and come right back!) you will know that I’ve just completed 2 months of intense Jillian Michaels’ workouts via the 30 Day Shred and Ripped In 30. I have seen great results and I am hooked.

I honestly wish that she lived in my town and could be my own personal trainer!

So, what do I find so great about Jillian Michaels?  The woman with the reputation of being the nasty, won’t-take-any-crap trainer from The Biggest Loser? Why am I still doing her DVDs?

  • I really like the way she formats her workouts allowing for ample warm-up and cool-down time
  • She offers a ‘beginner’ version so that you don’t feel like a failure if a particular move is too hard
  • Her workouts have variety. Ie. you’re not spending 30 minutes just lifting weights different ways. The mixure of cardio and strength moves helps to keep things interesting.
  • She TALKS to you!  I know it’s just through your tv screen, but she tries to get a litte personal during the workouts which helps make you feel accountable.
  • She pushes you when you need to be pushed.  Sometimes it’s like she is actually seeing me through the tv screen because there are many times when I find myself struggling and at that very moment I hear words of encouragement coming out of her mouth.
  • She’s tough.  Having a tough ‘trainer’ helps make me push through.  She challenges me, but again I’m seeing results, so I’ll take the toughness any day.

Having finished my 30 Day Shred and Ripped In 30 challenges, I found myself spending time last week trying to figure out what comes next?  Working with a set plan seems to be what I need to keep myself motivated and going.  I literally keep a calendar on the fridge with a month’s worth of workouts already planned and waiting for me to check off as I go.  Since this method is working, I decided that I needed to make a new plan.

I contemplated trying programs like Insanity and TurboFire, but quickly realized that I’m just not willing to get up even earlier to accomodate the longer workouts.  The 30-35 minutes that I’ve been getting from Jillian work for me.  I’m now used to, and even liking working out in the morning and don’t want to ruin that for myself by trying to be up even earlier so soon.  I’m also coming off a pretty great success with Jillian, so I figured why move to someone else while I’m still trying to lose?  I already have a Jillian Michaels ‘library’ of sorts, so my next step is to do a combo for the next 3.5 weeks until we go away on vacation.

The new plan is to use the following dvds for my morning workouts:

Since the Extreme Shed and Shred and 6 Week 6 Pack stay around the 35-40 minute mark, the plan is to alternate the two Monday-Friday. Ie. Yesterday I did Extreme Shed & Shred, this morning I did 6 Week 6 Pack – tomorrow I’ll do the Shed & Shred, etc.  I’m dedicating Saturdays to No More Trouble Zones as that workout runs about 50 minutes. I have more time on Saturdays so it only makes sense.

As for after work, the plan is to keep riding at least 3 days and then do Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown the other days.

Sounds like a solid plan right?

The goal is to look kick ass and feel totally comfortable in my bikini come March 1st! Challenge #3 is on! 🙂


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