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January 2012 Superlatives

Why hello there February!

I am so happy to see you! 🙂  I am also very happy to say that it’s a balmy 8 degrees outside today (that’s 46.4F) and when looking out the windo I see absolutely NO SNOW!  I do live in Ontario people, so this is a BIG deal! Honestly, this is turning into the best winter ever!! *knock on wood, of course*

To keep the ball rolling on this little blog of mine, I want to start doing a superlatives feature on a monthly basis as a way to look back on previous months. It will be a nice way to highlight any highs of the month as well as maybe allowing readers an opportunity to look back at a post that they may have missed! How fun! 😉

Life In General

– My eldest brother (I’m the baby in the family and have 2 older brothers) got MARRIED!!! That means my brothers and I are now all hitched!!! .. it all happened in 3 years too!


– I am proud to report that I only took 5 rest days in the month of January. Check out my workout log!

– I successfully completed my 30 Day Shred challenge

– I began my Ripped In 30 Challenge and completed Levels 1, 2 and 3!

Around The House

– I took advantage of a day off to clean, organize and rearrange my basement/home gym!


– My favourite new recipe of the month – Mushroom Lemon Chicken with Bok Choy – so good!!!

And there you have it!!!  One month down ALREADY!!!

February, I welcome you with open arms! .. it also helps that I’m now that much closer to VACATION time!! Yes, I said it.  It won’t be long now until Chris and I will be back down in sunny, warm JAMAICA!!! 🙂


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