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Hives Update + Zumba, Eh..??

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this news on the blog yet, so here you have it.

Last Thursday, I went for a quick follow-up visit with my allergist. You know, to go over that whole hives ordeal that I’ve been dealing with since June? Well, I’ve been slowly and gradually decreasing my antihistamine doseage over the past couple of months.  As of last Thursday, I had only been taking Zantac (which has antihistamine properties) and was informed by my allergist that I could probably stop taking it as the hives are probably gone.  Well, I haven’t had 1 antihistamine since last Thursday night and – so far so good!!!!

The ONLY issue that I’ve encountered has occured while working on the stationary bike.  Last Saturday, I hit the bike immediately after doing Ripped in 30. After about only 5 minutes, pretty much in an instant, my calves got extremely RED and they itched SO badly, I wanted to scratch them like crazy.  I pushed through to get a 10 minute ride in, but then couldn’t take it anymore.  The interesting thing here though was that once I stoped the vigorous movement of my legs the redness and itchiness went away in mere minutes!


Tuesday I decided to hit the bike again after work, actually having completely forgotten about what happened on Saturday. I wanted to get in a good burn, so I went like a little mad woman and biked my little heart out.  And then it happened. Again, after about 5 minutes of very vigorous cycling the redness and INTENSE itchiness hit me again. This time, it was all over the front of my hips and thighs! It was so bad that I literally had to peel my pants off! (tmi, I know, but it’s true!)  The redness was insane and I looked like I was covered in hives (although not raised) again all in the areas that itched. Once I stopped, and let my body quiet down and cool down, the redness and itchiness disappeared again in minutes!

After these 2 incidents, I’m thinking that maybe I need to try taking a Zantac before hitting the bike again!

The only thing though is that having been taking meds for SO LONG now, I really want to try and stay off of them. So, for now I have decided to try and find other workouts to do instead of the bike. At least for a few more weeks until I decide to try it again.

And that is what brings me to the topic of Zumba.

I did it.

I finally found some time to find a video online and give this Zumba thing a try.

Zumba is pretty much the one thing that almost everyone who’s into fitness has been talking about for the last little while.  My mom is hooked, writers of some of my favourite blogs are hooked.. so maybe it was my turn?

Let’s just say that thank goodness I didn’t go to an actual gym to try it out.  Last night’s first Zumba experience unfortunately might be my last.

It’s probably at this point where you Zumba-lovers are probably dumbfounded thinking HUH? Is she crazy!?

The answer to that is no, really, I’m not crazy.

You see, it is my belief that probably about 99% of women are born with this dancing gene. A gene that naturally allows them to twist and sway and move their bodies to a beat. A gene that would make something like Zumba a fun and ideal workout!

And then you have me.

I was most definitely NOT born with the dancing gene.  Put me on a dance floor and I am awkward, stiff and just overall uncomfortable.  Perhaps that is why I grew up listening to more of the rock/alternative/indie genres of music. Why I’d always chose to go to that rock bar and listen to some good tunes while chatting with friends vs. going ‘clubbing’.  I just don’t have it and I accept that.

Despite my lack-of dancing/dance movement skills, I still decided to give Zumba a try.  I found a total beginner video online where the instructors spent the whole time teaching various Zumba steps. Thankfully Chris stayed upstairs and didn’t come to watch me because it wasn’t pretty.  Granted, I could figure out a few moves, but the majority of them just felt completely awkward and just didn’t feel (and most likely didn’t look) right.  When it comes to me and dance-related things, if I can’t get it, I just end up getting really frustrated with myself and stop enjoying myself all together.

So, with that basic introduction, I regret to inform you that I don’t ever see myself becoming a Zumba-master. Sorry to dissapoint. 😉

Next up on my want-to-try list – a workout using resistance bands!

My mom got me some resistance bands for Christmas so it’s time I give them a try. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hives Update + Zumba, Eh..??

  1. This may sound weird, but how tight are your clothes? If I wear tight-fitting clothes when working out, I also get super intense itching around the area where clothing is tight. For example, when I wear shorts with a waistband that is too snug, then all around my waist area gets splotchy red and itches like crazy. Same for a tight sports bra and shorts tight on my thighs.
    Also, when you exercise vigorously, the capillaries in your legs are opening up faster and wider than usual and this also causes intense itching. When I started running again after a month off, the itching was so bad that I kept having to stop. I found out about the capillaries through online searches.

    • Hi Alexis! Thank you for this!!! When the itching occurred for the first time since being off of my antihistamines, I was wearing shorts and the itchiness was on my calves – so not covered. But the second time, I was wearing compression capris and the itchiness was in front of my hips and upper thighs… it’s definitely given me something else to think about.

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