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Ripped In 30 – Week 1 Recap

It seems like yesterday that I was telling you about my starting Ripped In 30 and just like that, I’m already on to week 2!  I had a whirlwind of a weekend – including the absolute most TERRIFYING and STRESSFUL drive of my life and the wedding of my eldest brother to an incredible woman who I am proud to now call my sister-in-law.  I didn’t have a chance to upload any photos of the weekend yet as we got home late yesterday, so you will get that recap tomorrow!

Now back to the topic at hand. 😉

I began Ripped In 30 the day after completing the 30 Day Shred in my attempt to keep on going with this whole regular workout thing. 😉  Having completed the shred with such a sense of pride, I was so darn excited to start this newest dvd.  After doing level one for 5 days, I am ready to give you my recap! *note..I only did level 1 for 5 days as I started on a Tuesday due to completing the shred on a Monday.  I will be doing the rest of the levels for 6 days a piece.

Day 1 – January 10, 2012:

First day of the new program and I am pumped!  I previewed the workout last night so I kind of already knew what to expect.  After day 1, I really do think I’m liking this program better.  It is a tad longer than the shred, but the additional strength moves are making it more interesting and the time flies.  Since it’s a new workout, I used only the 3lb weights and it was enough of a challenge. I rode Chelsea tonight as well for an extra burn.

Day 2 – January 11, 2012:

Ok, if I had to pick one thing on this level that I don’t like, it would be the running man!  That cardio move totally kicks my butt and I really have a hard time doing it for the full 30 second stints.  I push on through though and the fact that I’m getting better at my pushups just makes it all worth it!  Still used the 3lb weights, but I think I’m ready to move up. Busted out a 16.2km workout on the bike in 32 min after work for the extra burn.

Day 3 – January 12, 2012:

Since I’m only doing this level for 5 days, I figured I better up my weights for the last 3 days.  I managed to use the 5lb ones for every move today.  it was definitely hard, but it made me feel really good.  Doing reverse chest flies while in a chair squat using 5lb dumb bells made me feel like a bad ass!!!!!  I also busted out another 16.2km workout on the bike in 32 min after work for something extra.

Day 4 – January 13, 2012:

I didn’t sleep so well last night (too hyper for my brother’s wedding this weekend!) so it was a little rough getting out of bed.  I was definitely yawning still as I was doing my warmup, but made sure I keyed in to the ol’ mind over matter trick.  All I wanted was to go back to bed, but the workout was a must!  I managed to do the entire thing with the 5lb weights again and am actually starting to ‘get’ the running man now.  I’m still not a fan though. 😉  Time for a road trip! … in an insane.. windy… snowy… blizzard type of day.

Day 5 – January 14, 2012:

Last day of level 1 already!  I am in Ottawa right now for my brother’s wedding, so this workout was done in the weight room at the Minto Suites hotel. (They have such a kick ass gym btw! A seperate weight room and cardio room – both sooo nice!) While Chris headed to the cardio room (there were weight machines in there) I set myself up in the weight room with a mat and my laptop. I’ve never workout out in front of anyone else aside from Chris before, so it was a bit intimidating doing the workout while one man lifted a few feet away, and while a trainer was working out another woman.  To be completely honest, I think working out with a trainer on the other side of my room made me work even harder than I thought possible! lol  I powered on through my last day of level 1 with 5lb weights and then took advantage of the equipment available by doing a quick 10 min run on the treadmill while Chris finished up his workout.  I haven’t run since the Terry Fox Run back in September and it felt surprisingly EASY!  Too bad we were short on time and had to go get ready for the wedding as I wanted to keep on going! I’m looking forward to warm sunny days so I can hit the pavement again.

Ripped In 30 – Level 1 Results

Starting weight (Dec 6): 133

Post 30 Day Shred/Ripped In 30 Starting weight: 127.4

Weight after Level 1: 127.8

Haha! This is actually a REALLY good thing because I ate my face off this past weekend at my brother’s wedding! 😉  Between the rehersal dinner and the wedding itself, we ate at 2 of the top 3 restaurants in Ottawa so I wasn’t going to sit and start counting calories! i just ordered, ate and ENJOYED!

Bring it on Level 2!


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    • oo let me know what you think of Insanity as well as how long an avg. workout is. i’m really considering doing it after ripped in 30. i’m really starting to love working out at home and just want to keep going. i’m also thinking of trying – have you checked out that site?

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