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The Meal Plan: January 14-20


Big Brother’s Wedding!! Going to eat fancy! 😉


Quiche! (broccoli, egg, green onion, mushrooms, protein of some sort, cheese)


Pork Tenderloin (pork with a baked potato and spinach salad)


Chicken Fingers and Salad (Jane’s chicken fingers, spinach)


Lemon, Mushroom Chicken (chicken breast, mushrooms, lemon, olive oil, spinach, quinoa)


Steak Stir Fry (steak, ginger, veggies quinoa)


Turkey Tacos (turkey, spinach, salsa, cheese, greek yogurt)


5 thoughts on “The Meal Plan: January 14-20

    • I always just meal plan for dinners as I end up having lunch with my mom every day during the week. As for Chris, he takes leftovers + sandwiches for lunches. And on the weekends we just do them on the fly. In terms of breakfasts, we do those on the fly every day. I like to always keep a pot of cooked steel cut oats in the fridge to take from during the week. But some days I’ll feel like eggs and cereal. 🙂

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