Pinterest Love

Pinterest Love: 2nd Edition

This week for Pinterest Love, I’d like to share some of my favourite spaces… you know… the kind of spaces that I would absolutely LOVE to have in a home… some day…


10. Yes, it’s a laundry room. But, a laundry room that I wish I could have. It’s painted in my favourite colour and just oozes neat, tidy, organization – something that my laundry ‘closet’ is not.

9. While on the turquoise theme, will you get a load of this kitchen?! It has the entire appliance set matching the stove I posted last week. This just might be my dream kitchen.

8. This room just screams comfort and class.  I don’t think I’d ever have a home with a space like this, but it is still most definitely drool-worthy.

7. I just love how eclectic this room is. In comparison to the one above, this is a style that I could see myself going with one day if I had the right space.  The rug is great.

6. I think my dream house would be one that has an awesome entry way like this one.

5. A bathroom fit for a queen and king!  Stunning, just stunning.

4. I would love a library of sorts in a future home some day.. This is good inspiration.

3. More zebra carpet love.

2. I love the simplicity and openness of this one.

1. Drooooooooooooool……

And with that, I say “Happy Pinning!” and have a great weekend!  My big brother is getting married tomorrow!!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Pinterest Love: 2nd Edition

  1. Oh Pinterest, lol!
    I swear i had one kind of style of decorating now i can’t decide if i prefer minimal, french country, pops of colour, modern, classic etc…. i love (and pin) it all 🙂
    Have a great time at the wedding, might be a white one with all this snow!!!

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