Weekend In Photos: Vol. 1

Oh the dreaded Monday morning… back to the grind after a nice, relaxing, no plans kind of weekend.

The weekend was just fabulous. One of those ones where we just did whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted. No plans, no committments, just us.


This was what the sky looked like on our way to lunch Saturday. We were under blue sky and sun and this is what it looked like to the North. Wicked right?

Mmmm… skinny latte…

Building an impulse purchase… which I now need to complain to Walmart about as it was covered in scratches.

Impulse purchase built and is exactly what we wanted. A shelving unit (on the right) to house all of Chris’ game consoles in the game/movie room. It’s nice to have them off of the floor! 😉

New tea!!! It’s ah-mazing!

Whipping up a batch of Angela’s banana chocolate chip oat cakes! I modified the recipe a smidge by cutting the brown sugar down to 1/3C and ommitting the cane/white sugar, along with the 3rd banana which was to be cut in chunks and folded in. The taste was better than I remembered!!

Many hours in front of the tv watching this…. (please do not spoil anything for me if you’ve seen it before!) I’m HOOKED!

Ending the weekend with a delicious homemade quiche.. recipe to come Wednesday!

And a late-night hand washing session to finish up the weekend. Glad I followed Lululemon’s suggestion to wash my new ‘paris pink’ top seperately! Check out the colour of the water!!! More on that top tomorrow. 😉

And there you have it. My weekend in a nutshell via photos.

So happy I have a 4 day week ahead of me!  My big brother is getting MARRIED this weekend!!!!

p.s. I COMPLETED day 30 of my 30-Day Shred Challenge this morning!!!!! WA HOO!!!!! Expect a full report on Level 3 tomorrow, along with my *gasp!* before and after shots! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekend In Photos: Vol. 1

  1. Way to finish the shred and i LOVE peoples before and after shots so don’t gasp, just post 🙂
    Lol, i have avoided Paris Pink for just that reason, but its oh so pretty!
    And impulse purchases are sometimes the best! We have that same glass cabinet in our house and i have commandeered it for the kitchen but it once help UFC figurines 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • i have a photography date with Chris tonight to take my after shots! 😉 I will say now thought that i’ve lost about an inch on all the major areas so i’m stoked!! 🙂
      can you believe that i got this paris pink top for $30 to? love the ‘We made too much section!’
      hmm so what’s worse? UFC figurines? or Duke’s of Hazzard + Rambo ones? LOL 😛

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