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A Mini Basement Makeover

This coming May, I will have lived in our home for 5 years and I have never spent so much time in the basement as I have in the past month.  Aside from the space acting as Chris’ ‘gym’ area, in all honestly, it simply acted as a dumping ground for extra junk and things we were just to lazy to put away.  Last year, I started revamping the space with a new coat of paint, but when I ran out of paint with 3 walls still left to be done, the project just seemed to fizzle.  Needless to say, the space needed help.

Two weeks ago, I decided that I had enough of trying to do my 30-Day Shred workouts by strategically placing myself in between Chris’ weights that were scattered around the floor.  I also had enough of looking at all the crap that was laying around me each and every morning. Something needed to be done.  On the Friday before Christmas, I had the day off while Chris had to go in to the office.  Ever since I was a little girl, I thrived on rearranging and redecorating spaces, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to do a good cleanse of the space all while rearranging things a bit to make it more functional.  We use the space as an office so-to-speak, as well as a gym and I really wanted to define the spaces a little more.  So after several hours, and quite a bit of sweat..after a lot of moving.. rearranging.. and vacuuming, we finally have a neat, tidy and FUNCTIONAL basement.

With a designated ‘office’ area in the far corner, we now have a more flowy and open workout area.

Chris still has lots of space for his weights, and I have a nice open area to do my workout DVDs.  My new stationary bike even has a home now!! (much better than the living room!)

I’ve been working out down here for almost 2 weeks now and just LOVE the new layout (Rambo & Batman as well 😉 ). I think it will tide me over until we are ready to tackle the rest of my basement to-do list:

  • finish painting the walls
  • paint the ceilings white
  • paint the doors
  • hang shelving and art
  • new vinyl floors?
  • remove carpet from stairs

Maybe we’ll get to that sometime this year! 😉


5 thoughts on “A Mini Basement Makeover

  1. Love the Batman as well!! I have always dreamed of having a home with a workout space like this. I have soo many workout DVDs and absolutely no space to do them. Good luck with all your fit goals this year, lady!

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