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Weekend Recap: The Surprise!

I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but I was actually happy when I awoke this morning as this Monday meant that I would get a little break from the weekend! 😉

You see, from about 5 pm on Friday to 8 pm last night, my weekend just blasted on by.

Last Friday night was my office party and for the first time in years, I decided to attend with Chris by my side (it was his first time attending one of my office events.) Our party was held at the restaurant at a somewhat local casino – Ajax Downs.  This pace is a hot spot for quarter horse racing, but sadly the season has already come to an end, so there were no horse races to watch.  There was however some amazing food to be eaten. 😉 Being the bad blogger that I am, I had no camera on hand. But, I can tell you that my steak was cooked to perfection and a tiny sliver of cheesecake drenched in raspberry sauce was the perfect end to a great evening.

As fun as the night was, I was definitely happy to be snuggled up in my bed by 11 pm.  All because at 6:30 am Saturday, my alarm went off.  I reluctantly dragged my little butt out of bed and down to the basement to complete day 5 of the 30-Day Shred Challenge (day 6 done this am!).  I powered through the workout, ate some breakfast and did the first phase of grocery shopping with Chris all before 9 am when my parents and their dog Charlie picked me up for our weekend adventure! (I couldn’t say anything about the weekend trip ahead of time because I needed to keep a surprise! ;))

...yeah I totally just woke up before my mom snapped this shot..

The main purpose of the trip was to go to my brother’s fiance’s surprise shower in Ottawa at her parents’ house.  The event wasn’t until Sunday at noon, but being that it’s a 4 hour drive, we headed out on Saturday morning.  Since we don’t head back to ‘home turf’ (I was born/raised/lived in Cornwall until I was 18 and went to university) very often, we went to stay with my mom’s mom for the night.

My dad’s mom lives in Cornwall as well, so Saturday afternoon, my dad and I headed into town to visit with his mom before grabbing my mom and other grandma to enjoy a delicious Italian supper.  After returning from supper, my dad and I took Charlie for a walk ‘around the block’ and the memories started flooding on in.

this coming June, it will be 10 years since my parents moved away (and I moved out of my childhood home) and this coming September it will be 10 years since I moved away.  No matter how often, or really how little I go back, it ALWAYS feels like I’ve gone back HOME. The slow pace of living in that area doesn’t even compare to the fast/stressful pace around here in the GTA.  I would love to move back one day

Sunday morning, we left Charlie with my grandma and headed to Ottawa (about an hr away) for the little shindig. To say Katie (my sister-in-law-to-be) was surprised is a complete understatement!  The girl had absolutely NO IDEA so the surprise factor was perfectly executed.

The afternoon at the Caribbean Cruise themed wedding shower (they’re honeymooning on a 2 week cruise) was filled with a lot of smiles, laughs, and even some tears – only the good ones, of course!

I am so glad that I decided to spend the majority of my weekend traveling in the back seat of a car. All because those few hours with my sister-in-law-to-be were totally and completely worth it!! I don’t think my brother could have picked a better girl and I can’t wait for their wedding in January!

I just LOVE this couple!! The bride and groom-to-be!!! xo

We had to say our goodbyes after only a few hours (the downside of living far from them) as we had to continue on our weekend trek.  After an hours drive back to my grandma’s to pick up Charlie, and after about 3.5 hours more down the 401, I finally arrived back home at 8 pm on the dot.  It was shortly after that moment that I realized that no matter how much Cornwall still feels like home, no matter where I am and how busy the world is around me, my true home will always be in the arms of a certain husband of mine.

And on that corny note, time for me to finally re-lax!! 🙂 Enjoy your evening!


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