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Keeping It Real – A Challenge

Being someone who has never really had any sort of weight issues, I’ve come to find my recent weight gain to be a very humbling experience.  Deep down, I know that the gain was caused by my rough few months including little to no working out and several steroid stints, but I can’t help but hold a little bit of guilt. I mean, I have never been a really bad eater, but after a lot of thought, I could have cut down my portions in the times when it was impossible to work out… I could have been a bit more careful, but hey.. shit happens right?

I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the past few days and yesterday I came up with a plan.  A plan that will completely change my lifestyle.  A plan that I will strive to complete successfully.

Yesterday I began the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred challenge in hopes of loosing a few pounds and of toning up my muscles.

I purchased this dvd several years ago and dabbled around with it, but never really made the conscious decision to actually do the 30 day plan until now.  With my brother’s wedding coming up in early January, I have that extra little incentive and motivation to keep me going.  It’s going to be real challenge to convince myself that I can do this workout on an almost daily basis (I’ve chosen to make Sundays my rest day). But it’s going to be even MORE of a challenge getting my little behind out of bed a half hour early each and every morning to go down and work out.

You see, I’ve always been one to work out after work. Being one who already gets up early, the PM workouts just seemed to work best for my schedule.  But for something like this 30-Day Challenge, I already know that I’d be setting myself up to fail if I scheduled the workouts for the PM.  I’m hoping to start working Chelsea again (starting tonight) and I’ll want to keep her going 3-4 times a week.  Riding after work means getting home around 7pm.  There’s NO WAY that I’d be doing a workout that late – I just know it. So, that is why I’ve decided to try and train my body to do early morning workouts via this challenge. From start to finish, it only adds 30 minutes to my morning routine. 30 minutes is doable.

I began the challenge last night after work and then continued this morning at 6am.

Believe it or not, the early morning workout actually wasn’t that bad. It still kicked my butt, but it was doable.  I’m sure that I’m going to find myself struggling over the next few days as I continue to workout each morning, but I am determined.  I really hate the way that I feel with these extra few pounds and am prepared to do what I can to get them off.  I’m actually really hoping that I start to enjoy the morning workouts and make it a habit after these 30 days.  Thinking ahead, summer running will be so much nicer first thing in the AM!

Chris took some before photos for me last night and I took my measurements so that I have something to compare to on a weekly basis. To by completely honest, I am too shy and embarrassed to show my before shots just yet.  I’m going to wait until I have something better to compare them to. 😉  I will however be back later today with my day 1 measurements.

Wish me luck!


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