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Weekend Recap: Part 1 – Winter Ready

This past weekend was one of those ones that seemed to come and go in a blink of an eye. With so much to do and very little down time, it seemed to be over as soon as it began.

We did get a LOT accomplished though, and for that I am happy.

I never would have thought that I would be out gardening here in Ontario on December 4, but that is what I did for a solid 4-5 straight hours on Saturday.  You see, over Thanksgiving – back in October! – we enlisted the help of our parents to start the big job of taking down a massive curly willow tree in our back yard. I loved the tree, but it was just growing way to big, way to fast causing it to start getting way to close to the house for comfort.  On that day, we got about a half of the tree cut down before my dad’s chain saw decided to quit. Our yard was a mess and had remained a complete disaster.. well.. up until yesterday actually.

I kept my eye on the weather all week long and when I saw that it was finally supposed to be a rain-free day, I knew that it would be our last chance to really tackle the mess before the snow hit.

As you can see, it was kind of a disaster.

First on my list, while I waited for Chris to come out was to cut down a forsynthia tree that was in my veggie garden. I forgot to snap a ‘before’ shot, but just trust me when I say that it looks WAY better now without it.  The tree added way too much shade to the garden making it very difficult to grow my veggies. 

Cutting down the tree was easy.  But that stump!!! Oh that stump…

After about twenty minutes of constant digging, I finally gave up trying to dig it out deeming the roots to be too big. It was at that moment when I decided to just bury the stump. 😉  I’ll just surround it with flowers next summer to hide the fact that it’s still there.

I then proceeded to rake and smooth out the dirt in the garden because I really had some actual gardening to do!  Planting to be exact!

I decided that I would try my hand at planting garlic this year!  It’s supposed to be really easy to grow. So if all goes well, next August we should have 6 new heads of garlic! 🙂

Once the planting was done, Chris joined me out side and we did a LOT of raking and tidying of branches.  Unfortunately, we missed the last yard waste pickup for our town, so we then had to tidy the shed so that we could store all of the bags of leaves for the winter.  Several tiring, but necessary hours later, we were finished.

Our yard is now as ready as it ever will be for the impending winter.

But… you know.. Mother Nature, it’s ok if you want to hold on to the snow for at least a little bit longer. 😉


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