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The Meal Plan: December 3-9

At the beginning of the year, I decided to try my hands at making weekly meal plans in attempt to make weeknights easier all while trying to keep the grocery bill at a minimum.  I have been making these weekly plans religiously for about 9 months now and have decided that it’s about time I start sharing them with all of you.

Now, just to make myself clear, our meal plans only really consist of suppers.  In terms of breakfast, we like to try and always have a pot of steel cut oats on the go (make it ahead of time – it lasts for up to 4 days!)..or if we don’t feel like oats, we always have staples like eggs and cereal on hand.  And when it comes to lunches, I lucked out and have a mom who lives fairly close to my office and likes to cook me lunch Mon-Fri. 😉  As for Chris, he either makes sandwiches for lunch, or takes leftovers from our suppers. And on the weekend, we’ll either pick something up or eat something we already have in the house.

Although I won’t be writing out all of the recipes on the plan, I will list each meal including the main ingredients to give you a good idea of what I plan to create.  If I create something new and totally blog-worthy, you’ll definitely be seeing the recipe up within the week.  I also want to share our grocery bill with you so that I can really show how effective meal planning really is.

Ok, ok.. enough chatter!  Here’s our plan for the upcoming week:


Family Dinner (out with the fam = no cooking!)


Stuffed Squash (squash, turkey, onion, garlic, quinoa, greek yogurt, bread crumbs, cheese)           


Crock Pot Beef & Barley Soup (beef, beef stock, onions, barley, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, green peas)


Chicken Stir Fry on Brown Rice (chicken breasts, frozen veggies, soy sauce, brown basmati rice)


Crock Pot Turkey & Mushroom Meatballs + Mashed Potatoes + Asparagus (turkey, mushrooms, onion, cream of mushroom soup, potatoes, asparagus)


Tuna Cakes + Salad (tuna, potatoes, green onions, spinach)


Work Christmas Party = out for supper!

Grocery bill breakdown

Walmart = $50.77

  • bread
  • eggs
  • 3 pk chicken legs/thigh (on sale so in the freezer it goes!)
  • frozen Japanese style vegetables
  • fresh baby spinach
  • fresh asparagus
  • deli meat
  • bananas
  • granny smith apples
  • sweet potatoes
  • can of tuna x 2
  • low sodium beef broth
  • carton of egg whites
  • head of garlic
  • crate of clementines
  • 3pk of milk
  • peanut butter (on sale so into storage it goes!)
  • mushrooms

Loblaws = $6.25

  • butter
  • sirloin steak

Bulk Barn = $2.03

  • pearl barley
  • panko bread crumbs

Grocery bill for the week = $59.05


2 thoughts on “The Meal Plan: December 3-9

  1. I really need to get back into the habit of making meal plans for the week! It’s not that I spend a lot, it’s more that I end up eat less healthily if I haven’t got anything planned.
    That Stuffed Squash sounds really good, as does the Crock Pot Beef and Barley Soup 🙂

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