The Set Back Curse

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I really think I’ve been hit with the set back curse these past 5-6 months. Between my struggle with chronic hives since July, catching a cold/gaining weight while on steroids and spraining my baby toe (yes, i did that. Last week to be exact. I stubbed it bad!) I just can’t seem to catch a break.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s making me feel a little on the depressed side.  It seems as though as soon as I’m finally feeling good and get back to a normal workout routine, something happens.

Ever since getting my new stationary bike at the end of October, I had been doing REALLY well putting endless kilometers on it at least 3 times a week.  It was at about the same time that I finally got my butt back in the saddle and started riding 3 times a week again as well. I was feeling great and although I haven’t weighed myself since October, I felt as though I was on the right track again towards getting back to my ‘normal’ body.  Two Sundays ago, I did something stupid. While doing an impromptu furniture move, I stubbed my baby toe into the stationary bike and collapsed to the floor.  It swelled right up, turned black and blue and basically caused me an immense amount of pain.  All I could wear on my feet for a week were my Ugg-style boots (I even limped in those!).  Since I had trouble walking, biking and riding were crossed off my schedule for the week.  It killed me inside because I was on such a good roll!

This past Monday, I managed to get my foot into my riding boot, so I headed out to the farm after work to get in a good ride. Upon arriving to the farm, I was pumped and ready to go! Sadly, Chelsea was not. 😦 (she definitely wasn’t as perky as she looks in this shot)

The moment I arrived at the farm Monday and pulled Chelsea out of her stall, I knew she was choking.  This is not the first time she’s done this – she choke for the first time at New Years in 2009 which you can read about the first time here.  I knew right away that I wouldn’t be riding that night so I just groomed her and took her for a little walk. After about a half an hour, we (as in myself and the barn owner) didn’t think she was as bad as last time so I was sent home. The barn owner would continue to check on Chels every hour just to make sure she’s ok.

At that, I headed on home and made supper.  Chris and I enjoyed our supper and the went on a little coffee date. We walked in the door at 9pm and there was a message on the phone which was left literally a minute before we got in the door. Chelsea was not ok. The vet had been called.

Within minutes, I changed my clothes and we were back out the door and headed up to the farm.  The vet was already there when we arrived. Chelsea was already tranquilized and the vet was already working on trying to flush out the grain that was so obviously lodged in her esophagus. (Horses ‘choke’ when they get something like grain lodged in their throats.  They do not have the ability to vomit like other animals and humans to, so when it’s as bad as Chelsea had it, a vet needs to pass a tube up her nose which he siphons water into while trying to clear the path to the stomach.) We had originally thought that she wasn’t blocked up as bad as the last time, but we were wrong.  It took almost 2 and 1/2 hours and about 6 full buckets of warm water to clear her esophagus. Once that last little bit came out it was if we all (as in myself, Chris, the vet, the barn owners and Chelsea) simultaneously took a deep breathe and let it all out at once. It was 11:30 at this point, so we were all VERY relieved that it was over.

I wouldn’t wish a choke experience on any horse owner, as it is a terrifying experience that makes you feel completely helpless. But, I will say that surprisingly, even though it was scary, we all seemed to handle this second time better than the first. Even Chelsea.  The first time, I was beside myself. Chelsea was extremely upset and put up quite the fight.  The vet had mentioned at the end of it Monday that it seemed as though she had accepted the ordeal right from the beginning. As if she knew what had to be done to feel better and she needed to just put up with it. She couldn’t have been more well behaved for the whole thing and for that I am thankful.  Since she didn’t fight, there was less blood and less internal damage.  Yes she has a cough now which will probably last a week or so, but if all goes well, I’m hoping to get back on her in a week or so. (Last time, she was off for about 6 weeks.)

So there you have it. The story of me these past months has been a little bit of – “if it’s not one thing, it’s something else!”

Despite it all though, I am still determined to do what I have to do to get back into my fit state. It’s obviously not going to be easy, and may take longer than I’d like, but I will keep going and keep trying!

…besides! I’ve got to be able to totally rock this dress at my brother’s wedding in Jan! 😉


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