Staying Motivated In These Cold Dark Months

Yesterday, at about 10 minutes before 5, my plans to get a good riding workout seemed to fly completely out the window as I found myself accepting an invitation to go out and get wings for supper.  The funny thing is that I’m not exactly a huge fan of wings, but at that specific moment, I found myself looking out of my office window into the darkness thinking that going to the farm to freeze my little behind off was the last thing I wanted to do.  About 15 minutes later, the plans for wings were scratched due to some miscommunications and I proceeded with my original plan to ride and eat a healthy supper consisting of pork tenderloin, greek yogurt mashed potatoes and peas. Although it was cold outside, I had a fantastic ride and felt great doing it.


So why did I just completely throw out my workout plans earlier in the evening?


I’m sure I’m not the first to say that although I love Fall, I absolutely HATE the time change that comes along with it.  Being someone who does all of their workouts after 5:30pm, it is so undeniably difficult to stay motivated when it is cold and dark out..and all you want to do after work is curl up on the couch. I’ve tried the morning workouts, but considering that I’ve always done my workouts and rides in the evening, my body just does not agree with me so early in the day.  That being said, without wanting to spend any $ on a gym membership, my only weekday workout options from now until spring is to go and ride, or do some sort of work out at home .. let it be on my bike, weights, or a workout dvd.

In the last week and a bit since the time changed, I am really finding myself struggling around the 3-4pm mark just as the sun begins to set.  It’s like the thoughts just magically start flowing through my head..thoughts of a night with no workout..curling up on the couch..being lazy.. It’s so tough, but I have to practically snap myself out of it and drag my behind to the farm or plop my butt on my bike! And you know what?  During and after my workout, I always feel better. I feel happy and proud for doing it.


I definitely felt better about myself for getting a workout in and eating a healthy supper last night. So why did I jump so quickly at scrapping my plans and doing something unhealthy and totally out of character for me?

So why the lack of motivation????


Does anyone have tips to staying motivated during these cold and dark months?


One thought on “Staying Motivated In These Cold Dark Months

  1. I completely understand you!!
    This is exactly how I feel about working out at this time of year. I find it really hard to motivate myself to walk the 10 mins to the gym in the cold and dark and I definitely don’t ever feel like going for a ride!
    You definitely just have to force yourself out there don’t you, I always just remind myself of how great I’ll feel when I’m done 🙂

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