Welcome to My Pink Thumb!

If you are already a reader of mine, don’t worry – I shall explain! 😉

If you are a new reader of mine – Welcome! Please stay a while!

So… Why “My Pink Thumb”?

Well, I’m not going to lie – the name was all Chris. Another reason why my hubby is amazing. I came to him this past week explaining my want/need for a new title to this little blog of mine.  I found that I had really limited myself to what I could write about with my former title of “Starting Out Fit”.  I felt like I wanted to go beyond simply posting about workouts and food.  I actually have many interests and hidden talents (in the form of DIY) and really wanted to start sharing everything on this blog. That is when he suggested ‘Pink Thumb’ to me. Immediately, I thought it was perfect!  I do have a ‘green thumb’ in terms of gardening, however I like getting hands-on in a variety of things.

That being said, I now plan to start focusing more on my life as a whole. I want to share everything that makes me.. well me! Yes I love to cook and create recipes. Yes I love to try my best at staying fit. But boy do I ever have an interest at home design and little DIY projects.

Please be patient with me as I continue to polish things up and make changes around here. I can’t wait to share everything with you!


To celebrate this new change in my blogging career/life, I have also decided to bite the bullet and purchase my own domain! So exciting!

Please update your readers to my new URL as I’m not sure how much longer the strtingoutfit address will work. Our new address is:



One thought on “Welcome to My Pink Thumb!

  1. Laura, Welcome to the land of Blog. I know based on your description of this website I am going to be a big fan. I love DIY projects and am thinking that you might want to link your blog up with the website Pinterest.

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