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My New Cardio

After my long, stressful, workout-free summer, I quickly learned that I was totally and completely out of shape when it came to running.  I could barely go 5 minutes without struggling and grasping for breath.  Now, for someone who’s run a few 10K’s in her past, stuggling to get 2K done, kinda hits the ego in a pretty bad way.

My first thought was maybe I’ll just start slow all over again… try the Couch to 5K program again to get back in shape perhaps?  The only problem with this plan though is that we only have a couple more weeks before the time change – meaning no outdoor running during the week.  In the past, I did my mon-thurs runs on my parents’ treadmill if the weather was bad, or if it was too dark out.  The big downside though was that they’re house is kind of out of the way and I really longed for some sort of cardio that I could do in my own home.

That is when I started some research.

That is when I decided that I wanted a stationary upright bike.

This past Sunday, Chris gave me my birthday gift – 5 days early (tomorrow is the day).

It’s exactly what I wanted.  I love that man!! xo

I’ve spent the last few nights putting it together and today I fit on the last piece.

Despite feeling extremely crappy today (fighting a cold and having a swollen eye from the hives), I told myself to suck it up and I got on that bike.

Being that it was my first time, I obviously decided that I would start slow.  I managed to cover 6.76KM in 16:30. Not too shabby right?  I worked up a pretty good sweat too, so I’m happy!

I now finding myself looking forward to the days where I will cover 10KM, 15KM, 20KM!

I will be strong again.




5 thoughts on “My New Cardio

  1. Go you! I also can’t do the running thing, but because of the concussion (can’t do anything bouncy) but I’ve also been using the bike. It’s awesome! Surprisingly, I sweat soo much when I’m on it, and it really does feel like I’m getting a good workout. Way to go!

    • omg I couldn’t believe how much i was sweating after only 16 minutes!!! Really hoping this will be the key in helping to drop the extra lbs. 🙂

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