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A Dresser Makeover

Finally, I have actually finished something!!! 😉

As I mentioned in my last post, this dresser made it’s way to my home several years ago courtesy of my grandmother. At the time, I had no use for it so it ended up living in the garage up until this past week.  While working on re-doing our living/dining room area, I realized that some extra storage would be very welcome, so I figured we might as well use something that we already had.

Without further ado…


First thing’s first.. this baby had been sitting in a garage for 2 years, so it needed a good cleaning before I started to paint!

Next up, the knobs. I’m not a fan of the gold/brass look so they needed some spray paint!

I learned this trick on Young House Love 😉

And now on to painting this baby!

I had a bag of sponge brushes, so I decided to give them a try and they actually worked really well for this project.

Now for the fun part. 😉  Silly my forgot to snap a shot during this process but here is what she looked like after coat #1.


*drum roll*

The finished product:

This was an extremely easy makeover project that anyone could do with the right piece of furniture.

Total work time = 2 evenings

Cost breakdown:

  • dresser = FREE
  • spray paint = FREE (already had on hand)
  • black paint = $13.00
  • turquoise paint = $5.00 (I got a Behr sample pot from the Home Depot)
  • sponge brushes = FREE

Total cost = $18!!! 🙂


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