Hello Friday!

I am happy to report that after taking absolutely no prednisone yesterday, I woke up still 100% hives-free this morning!!! The last time I went off the prednisone, the hives returned the next day… so this is a really good thing people!!! 🙂  I’m feeling more like myself these past few days and couldn’t be happier.

On top of that, I finally had a voice mail on the phone when I arrived home yesterday from the allergist’s office.  I have an appointment September 23rd for allergy testing. More than a month away BUT, I guess I can’t complain. It’s something.  I called today to confirm the appointment via voice mail (the office was closed today), but think that I might call back next week sometime to see if there’s any possible chance I could go sooner?  The only thing is that I can’t take any antihistamines of any sort for 7 days before this appointment, so maybe I’ll wait until I get myself completely off of them before trying to improve the appointment. (just thinking aloud here 😉 )  I’m hoping to cut one of my daily doses of antihistamine this weekend (I currently take it in the am and pm) and if things are still looking good, maybe by next week I’ll be hives and meds free!

One can only hope. 😉

Anyway, this girl has some awesome plans for the weekend including some DIY projects and baking and it’s time to get to it!

Have a wonderful summer weekend! 🙂

p.s. Check out what I just scored at Value Village for $5.99!!!


I’ve been wanting an over-the-shoulder bag for quite some time now thinking it would be so much handier for weekend outings, shopping trips, travelling, etc.  So while at Value Village tonight looking for some DIY-related items, I figured why not check out the purse section and ta-da!! Glad I looked as it’s just what I’ve been wanting! 🙂


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