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Living Room DIY: Pillow Covers

One of the easiest ways to change up the look of a room is to change out the pillow covers. Unfortunately, I don’t know about you, but frugal ol’ me just can’t bear to part with even $8-10 for one new pillow cover. Hey, I’m a cheapskate! What can I say? 😉  I especially won’t shell out the $ if it’s something that I can make on my own.

When talks started about re-decorating our living room space, I knew right away that I wanted to make some new pillow covers. It wasn’t that the ones I already have (which I made) didn’t match our new look, but I just wanted something different. So up I went to Fabricland to pick out something new and fresh. I came home with two different fabrics. A fun zebra print, and a nice bold green flower print.

Here’s a photo-montage of the process.

…you know you’re tired and a bit dopped up on steroids/allergy meds when you make some nice long stitches only to realize that one piece of fabric was on wrong… duh!!

…thankfully I had some patience, a seam ripper, and the comfort/distraction of The Nate Berkus show to get me through 😉

And voila!  I spent $14 on fabric and was able to make 2 square pillow covers and 2 rectangular pillow covers. Now that’s success in my books!  Can’t wait to actually get them on and do this re-decorating!!


3 thoughts on “Living Room DIY: Pillow Covers

    • No velcro, no buttons! that’s the beauty of them! On the one side, I have two pieces of fabric, one longer than the other so that the overlap when on the pillow. Make sense? Look at the 3rd pic from the bottom where I’m lifting to show.

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