My Trip To The ER + The Update

If 6 weeks of non-stop hives wasn’t enough, Sunday night things got so bad and out of hand that Chris had to rush me over to Emergency.

***Here is your warning that some not-so-pretty images are coming up***

It took me a few days to post this as I sort of had to come to terms with things.  I wondered if I’d show the pictures while sharing my story and honestly, I’m going to show them simply because they are real. I don’t even recognize myself in the ones that were taken in the hospital – they are THAT BAD!

So… you may be wondering what happened????

Sunday morning I woke up completely covered in hives yet again. At this point it was to no surprise. It was the 5th day in a row that I was actually covered from my face down when I awoke in the morning.  Since Sunday’s are my days to clean the barn, I reluctantly headed out to the farm.  I haven’t been able to do any other form of exercise for the past 6 weeks, so I tend to suck it up Sundays just so I’m doing some sort of work out.  For some reason, I didn’t take my prescription strength Reactine that morning thinking that I’d wait to take it when I got home in hopes that it would hold the hives off for a longer duration of the day.  By lunch time, hives were still there, but I wasn’t totally uncomfortable so my mom came by to pick me up and we went 5 min down the road from my house to pick some blueberries. We had a great time picking and eating berries and I was actually feeling pretty good.  I felt so good that I even baked my first ever blueberry pie completely from scratch as soon as I got home!

While the pie was in the oven, I ended up passing out for a little nap on the couch.  I woke when the timer went off telling me my pie was done, and immediately I noticed that my bottom lip felt a bit tingly.  I had been waking up some mornings with a swollen lip or swollen eye, but never had I experienced something swelling up during the day.  Despite the tingly feeling in my lip and the fact that it was slowly starting to swell, Chris and I headed out for supper.  I had a crazy craving for ribs so we set out to one of our favourite rib restaurants.  By the time we got off the highway, my lip felt rather big and at that point I suggested we go for a quick burger instead at our favourite burger joint as I didn’t want the embarrassment of sitting in a nice restaurant with a fat lip.

Well, my choice of going to the quick burger place was a good one.  By the time we finished eating our meal, my top lip was starting to swell along with one of my eyes.  We went straight home and snapped these shots — this was at about 7pm.

I emailed the pics to my mom and she called straight away simply stating “GO TO THE HOSPITAL!”

By the time we got to the hospital, pretty much my entire face had swelled right up along with my throat.  I could still breathe, but it felt VERY swollen.

I was terrified.

There was no waiting room for this one — they took me back straight away.

Here’s what I looked like at about 8pm in the hospital…

I was given a shot of benedryl along with another steroid (I can’t remember what it was called). They had to have been the most painful needles I have ever received — I still have a bruise 3 days later!  I then had more blood tests done and another urine test.

Just like with my doctor, all the tests performed at the hospital came back A-OK.  I am 10000% perfectly healthy, except for the fact that I am obviously allergic to something and we don’t know what.  The dr in the ER wrote me up yet another prescription of prednisone (which I really didn’t want to be home) and sent me home about 5 hours later once the swelling started to go down.

I called my dr’s office first thing Monday morning and was in to see her right away at 10am.  I explained to her that I didn’t really want to be on the prednisone again (the side effects are a bit terrifying) and she didn’t really want me to have to go on it again. BUT… my face was still swollen at this point and she suggested I go on it one more time because once the hives and swelling hit the face, it becomes very dangerous. She then wrote me a prescription for another antihistamine to take with the prednisone to hopefully keep things at bay while I wait for an appointment with an allergist to be tested.  My doctor sent away a referral right away and now I wait to hear back as to when I get to go and see the allergist.

By Monday evening, the meds were doing their job and I was feeling a bit better.  I fell right asleep when I went to bed, but woke up only a few short hours later. From about 1am until 6:30am all I could do was scratch.

Nothing would relieve these things!!

In turn, I awoke yesterday COVERED yet again… it was so bad that even my hands were swollen!! If you look closely there wasn’t much white left of my skin.. red all over.. this was before I finally had to force my rings off.

I went into work anyways because I felt guilty for missing so much due to these things, but only lasted about an hour and a half. I couldn’t stand just sitting there because of the intense itch and burn so I went home, soaked in epsom salts and fell asleep for a bit.  After several hours the hives started to settle down a bit and the itching had stopped. However, almost like clockwork, after supper while watching tv, the little buggers started popping up yet again. That is when I decided to try something different. I took one of the prescription reactines along with a zantac (adds extra anti-histamine while keeping my stomach calm).  Chris then took me to Walmart to purchase the Aveeno Oatmeal bath. By the time we got home, the little hives that had appeared earlier were already fading — was this med actually working??  I then soaked in the oatmeal bath for about 30 minutes and went straight to bed.

Last night I slept.

I did wake up once, but to my surprise, I wasn’t itchy. I remained still in one spot and actually fell back asleep! (this is big lol)

This morning I awoke with one a few hives (nothing like yesterday) and the meds seem to be helping to keep them away.  I started breaking out just after lunch, but I was scheduled to take my prednisone at that time and it helped calm them right away.

Here’s hoping I have now found the right meds to take at the right time (I’ve discovered that benedryl does nothing for me) and that I will get an appointment with the allergist before my 10 days of prednisone and relief are gone!


6 thoughts on “My Trip To The ER + The Update

  1. OMG Laura!!! Hopefully you get some answers soon, I would be insane by this point if I were you! Crossing my fingers for you, hope things are good otherwise!

    • I think I’m getting close to going a bit insane at this point… the fact that i haven’t been able to ride or run just makes everything worse. Trying to stay inside now because we think it might be something outdoors and I’m going stir crazy!!

  2. OMG laura! this is awful. I am soooo sorry this is happening to you. and for this long. i hope you get your answers soon. this is just ridiculous.

    if the baths are helping, take them every day or even 2 times a day!

    hope you get better soon!

  3. Oh you poor soul! I almost wanted to cry just looking at your pictures. At first I was going to make a joke about having Angelina Jolie lips but then I looked at your eyes and I just felt so bad for you. I really hope you get some answers soon.

    • Not to worry about jokes lol they actually help make accepting all of this a little easier. After getting home from the hospital the joke around our house was that i could have starred in the movie “Hitch 2” if they werre to ever make one. 😉

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