Weekend Recap: The Good Vs. The Bad

This past weekend was most definitely one filled with a whirlwind of emotions both good and bad. At least the pros most definitely outweighed the cons.

Lets start out with Friday night.

Despite having a very unfavourable day with my hives that was progressively getting worse, Chris and I decided to head up to his parents’ trailer/cottage for the night with plans to spend the day up there Saturday.  Last weekend, his parents surprised us with news that they had purchased a boat. –this came out of nowhere!!– So, needles to say, we had to make our way up so that we could take it for a test ride.

I completely forgot to snap photos of their trailer site and the trailer itself, but boy can I tell you. This is how we like to camp! 😉  They have a brand new park model trailer which includes a living room – big 40 inch tv and all, a full size bath, queen and double guest beds, and a queen master bed. It’s pretty insane and so very comfortable.  We had hoped to have a camp fire when we arrived Friday night, but unfortunately there was a fire ban in place because of the lack of rain over the past month.  So we just bbq’d some sausages for supper and relaxed while watching a movie before going to bed.

Saturday was the day we were waiting for. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and after a nice filling breakfast, we hit the water for a few hrs.  This is where photos speak louder than words, so enjoy!

That’s my in-laws dog, Peanut. Our little boating mascot perhaps? 😉

All in all, our Saturday boat ride and swim in the lake (which was 82 deg. by the way!!) was pretty awesome. We loved it so much that we definitely plan on heading back up for another night this coming long weekend!

Now, sadly, onto the bad…

If you’ve been reading lately, you won’t be surprised to hear that the bad came in the form of hives. 😦

The hives seemed to progressively get worse and worse as the weekend went along. By Saturday night, I could barely walk because they were so bad under my feet.  It seems as though when I get them under my feet or on a joint of my toes or fingers, it feels like a very deep bruise!!!

Yesterday I woke up and they had hit the worst I had seen yet.  My ENTIRE face was covered and the seemed to continue covering my body all the way down to my toes in the front and to my heels in the back. 😦  I popped a Claritin to try before heading out to the farm first thing to do my weekly chores.  I thought maybe they’d get better after being out there, but the didn’t improved at all. So I had to make a move

Back to the walk-in urgent care clinic I went. 10:30 am on a Sunday morning…. I have been at my breaking point for the past few weeks and to my embarrassment, the moment I arrived at the clinic and start to tell the nurses why I was there AGAIN (the 2nd time in 2 weeks), I burst out into tears. I couldn’t control it any more.  I was so covered in hives that my body was shaking and my nerves were shot.  They took me in right away and after a chat and a look-over my body, the doctor prescribed me a strong dose of Prednisone to try to attack these hives.  Two weeks ago I hadn’t wanted to go the steroid route, but at this point, I needed something to give me relief.

While the prescription was being filled at Wal-mart, Chris and I did our weekly groceries and picked up a quick bit to eat.  Then it was back home where I had to pop not 1, but 6 of the prednisone pills to try to fight this thing.  Several hours later, I was actually looking better! They were working!  My face was looking more normal, my back, sides, arms and upper thighs were virtually hive free!  The only marks that remained were the ones on my calves … which are even still there today. (don’t mind my unshaven legs lol)

At least the pills brought me some relief and took the majority of them away. I was freaking out because it was so bad.

I literally veged on the couch for pretty much the whole afternoon while I let the prednisone do it’s thing. Once I started feeling a little better, I got to work on some baking and supper making.

Think it looks good??? 😉  Recipe to come tomorrow!

As for those nasty hives…they came back with a vengeance overnight having me awake at 2:30am scratching like a mad woman (I got up and coated myself in calamine lotion). My neck, arms, lower back and the back of my thighs look horrendous right now.  Unfortunately, I’m not scheduled to take my next dose of Prednisone until after lunch (I got 6 days worth), so I just have to suck it up until then. *sigh..*

UPDATE!!! ..just called the dermatologists office to see if there’s been any cancellations allowing me to improve my August 15 appt.  They have an opening for 11:30 TODAY!!! Wish me luck!


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