Friday Morning Cool-Off

These “out-of -this-world” crazy hot temperatures made me want something nice and cool for my breakfast this morning. I contemplated my usual cold breakfast of overnight oats with pb and chocolate banana soft serve, but then I decided that today I would have something different.

I’ve been struggling all week with cramps on top of dealing with the hives (which are really bad again today…) and just really wanted something chock full of vitamins.

The result … a Green Monster.

We had a lot of leftover fruit after our at home wedding reception that went straight into our freezer specifically for this purpose.

In the mix – watermelon, honeydew melon, green grapes, red grapes, strawberries and pineapple.

Then I added a huge spoonful of Greek yogurt and half a banana…

And to finish it off, a massive handful of baby spinach.

Paired with 2 eggs (for some extra protein) and whole wheat english muffin, it made a stellar breakfast.

I’m definitely a girl who needs a big breakfast to get through the morning. And when I have one packed full of vitamins and cold to beat on a hot day, I’m definitely a happy camper. (aside from having hives all over my legs lol…)

Now I just have to get through this day and then Chris and I are off to his parents trailer (cottage) for the night and day tomorrow.  They just got a new boat so it should be fun!! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!




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