Holy Heat Wave BatMan!!!

I know it’s summer and all, but man this is just too much heat!

We haven’t had rain for well over a month.  My grass is like yellowed dried up hay and my hives are back to being bad again.

Today the temperatures topped the thermometer at 37 deg. celcius (that’s 98.6F) .. but wait, that’s BEFORE the intense humidity comes in to play.

With humidity, temperatures hit a high of 48 deg. celcius here!! To my American readers, that’s 118.4 F!!!!! I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt such an intense heat. Each and every time I walked outside today it felt as if I were walking into an oven.  I felt so bad for my horse Chelsea, that I headed straight over to the farm after work to hose her down with ice cold water. The poor girl was literally dripping from sweat just while standing in her stall!

As for the hives…I am so over these things!!

This morning (and today) was a bad one for sure. I even decided to snap some shots of my face this morning pre-makeup just so you could really see what I’m going through here.

The itch that come along with these babies is completely out of this world… my legs are completely covered right now with hives about the same size of these.  Thankfully the medicine I got from the walk-in last week help take the itch away.  However, they do cause drowsiness, so I really only take them at night and just suffer with the itch during the day.  They do make the itching subside though and pretty much knock me out. So after almost 3 weeks of no sleep, sleeping is a very good thing.

As for when I’m going to get to figure out what is causing these, well that’s not a very funny story.

After making several phone calls yesterday, I finally got a call back for a dermatologist appointment. I should be happy right?


The appointment isn’t until AUGUST 15!!!!

So, essentially I have to keep suffering for almost another month. *sigh*

Chris and I have a new theory as to their cause. Our super hot and dry summer started just before the hives it.  Since I’ve had them (literally every single day for 4 weeks), it has been extremely hot and we’ve had 0 rain.  Perhaps that has something to do with it???

…too bad it’s supposed to stay in the 30’s for the next few days…

I just want some rain!!!


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