Now That’s Fresh

Nothing beats the surprise I felt when I found these little wild black raspberries growing in a small area at the side of our house.

Nothing beat the taste of these freshly picked, sweet, succulent berries in an impromptu ‘second-breafast’ late Sunday morning.

If you could only see the look of excitement on my face as I went out to the garden last night to find some green beans ready to be picked.

And the double excited look on my face when I saw that some yellow beans were ready too. (yellow beans are my favourite)

Nothing beats the taste of these freshly picked beans as a side with our supper last night; tossed in a tiny knob of butter and some freshly picked and sliced basil.

Nothing beats the excitement I felt last night when I found that my cucumber plants are finally starting to climb the wrought iron trellis I had set in the ground (after a little encouragement and placement by yours truly on the weekend). It was an extra added bonus that I spotted many little baby cucumbers starting to grow.

Nothing beats the idea that Chris and I will soon be enjoying these perfectly plump cherry tomatoes grown in our very own back yard.

Now that’s fresh.


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