I’m Going To Be Famous!

…Well, not really….

But, mark your calendars for August 23!!! Chris and I will be on tv on Bravo’s “At The Concert Hall” with The Sam Roberts Band!!!! (I will post the link to stream online if you missed it ;))

There’s quite the cute little story about how this all came about too. 😉

About midway through the week last week, Chris informed me that he had a surprise for me Sunday afternoon. Wha?! A Surprise!?

To be straight, I don’t do very well with surprises.. never been a fan of the whole surprise party thing and putting someone on the spot.. geeze, I pushed for the destination wedding so that I wouldn’t be the center of attention for too many people! LOL

My birthday wasn’t anywhere near though… Aside from Saturday being our 3 month wedding anniversary (yay us!), there wasn’t really any cause for celebration that I could think of, so why the surprise?!

Sunday came and as soon as I got home from doing the barn work and we ate some brunch, I was pushed to get ready. The only thing he’d tell me was to dress “comfy/cute”. Ummmm ok!  I threw on some shorts and a cute top and off we went.

With Chris at the wheel, we hopped on the good ol’ 401 but headed west bound this time (towards TO).  When he got off the highway in Oshawa at our usual exit (where we both get off to go to work) I asked “are we going on the GO train???”. He quickly answered “Nope” and continued on by pulling into the parking lot of his favourite store – Future Shop.  THIS was my surprise!? 😉  He certainly played it off like that was the big surprise. But after a quick trip to Future Shop, then a quick trip across the street to Best Buy, we finally ended up at the GO station. Just like I had guessed.

He still wouldn’t say a peep as to where we were headed though! The sneaky bugger!

About an hour later, we found ourselves in Toronto pulling into Union Station.

I obviously knew once we got on the GO train that we were going to Toronto, but what for?  The only big thing going on downtown that I knew about was the Molson Indy.  But we’re not into car racing so I knew he wouldn’t be surprising me with tickets for that! My mind was going crazy trying to figure out what he had up his sleeves!

After grabbing a bite to eat in the station, we made our way on to the subway and then he finally cracked asking me if I really wanted to know? 

Like I said before, I’m bad with surprises and immediately responded with a big “YES!!!” It was then when he told me that we were going to a taping of At The Concert Hall with The Sam Roberts Band.  I think my response to that was something like “WHA?!?! hOW?!?!”

The Sam Roberts Band is hands down one of my favourite bands.  I’ve been following these guys for almost 10 years since their first single dropped the summer after I finished high school. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen them in concert. The prospect of seeing them up close and personal gave me instant excited butterflies in my stomach!

Only a few short hours later, we found ourselves standing outside the historic Masonic Temple. (photo source)

And only a few short minutes after that, we found ourselves sitting in the FRONT ROW! Umm excuse me!? How did this happen!

We literally could have rested our feet on the stage if it weren’t for the camera men having to go back and forth. This was going to be on tv!

As we sat there waiting, I couldn’t believe that the one and only Sam Roberts would soon be performing literally only 5-6 feet in front of me. It was like we were going to be getting our own private concert!

Once everyone got in their seats (there was probably about 50 people) we were given the low-down as to how this taping was going to work. We were also told at this point that no cameras were allowed and it was understandable. Who wants to watch a show on tv where the audience is constantly snapping photos?  Due to this, we don’t have any shots from the taping, but Chris may or may not have been able to sneak a few on his phone at the end when the band played an extra song just for the audience (not as part of the show).

There were tapings of our applause… a few interviews with Sam.. and then the show.

Oh the show… WOW.  It was incredible! What a once in a lifetime amazing opportunity.

When it was all over, Chris and I left thinking if the whole thing actually happened!!

The Best Surprise Ever.


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