Mysterious Allergy Update

I’ve been breaking out in hives every single day for 15 days straight now.

They itch like CRAZY, and even sometimes burn.

While suffering with these, I haven’t been able to run or ride without irritating them further as the bigger ones just so conveniently locate themselves on my inner thighs. I’ve been going a bit stir crazy, but am getting by.

It seems that when it comes to something that is obviously not life-threatening, doctors don’t seem to think that they need to rush in taking care of said patient. Before today, the last time I spoke to my doctor’s office (last Wednesday), I was told that my blood tests came back perfect and that a referral would be sent to a dermatologist.  As of today, I hadn’t heard from the dermatologist so I gave my doctor’s office a call again.

Long story short, my referral had to be faxed again and I can only hope that I get a call from the dermatologist’s office by Wednesday.

I think I may be going a little crazy with all this constant scratching!!!!!

Anyway, this past weekend, I’ve started to take matters into my own hands a bit by doing an experiment.

No dairy for 1 week.

I’m a milk fiend, but maybe I’ve developed an allergy?

Only 2.5 days in and boy am I ever finding this tough. I usually drink a glass of milk 3 times a day, eat yogurt once a day, cheese several times a week…. my sub didn’t taste the same yesterday without cheese…. I wanted pizza so badly last night, but couldn’t indulge because of milk… I know, I know, there are other options. But for someone like me who loves milk for what it is, alternatives just aren’t the same. I won’t be able to accept them until I know for sure. LOL

Thankfully it’s just an experiment. Oh if I could keep my fingers crossed 24-7 for this thing to NOT be a milk/dairy allergy I would!

….on another note, my INCREDIBLE HUSBAND had quite the surprise for me yesteray. We got home too late last night to upload the pictures from the camera, so you have to wait until tomorrow for that story. 😉


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