Our July Long Weekend

With another weekend within our grasp, and my depressing hives post under my belt, I finally find myself accepting what I’m going through and am ready to get on with things.  Chris and I had a fantastic long weekend together last week and I can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂

With all wedding stuff behind us, we finally managed to find some time to take to ourselves. So last Friday morning we set off going East-bound on the good ol’ 401 highway. I had booked this weekend a month earlier and couldn’t be happier to be at the wheel and on our way. The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for travelling.

Chris was having a craving somewhere around Belleville (how cool are those flowers! so festive for Canada Day)

It’s not a smoothie 😉 .. but a Timmy’s Iced Coffee.  We both really dislike Tim’s hot coffee, but their iced always seems to hit the spot.

Just over 2 hours later, we reached our final destination!

We had originally wanted to spend a weekend in Niagara Falls, but after doing some research, we realized that the prices there are absolutely REDICULOUS!! That’s when I thought, why not travel the opposite way?  We had only ever driven by Kingston on the 401 on our way to Ottawa to see my brother, or Cornwall (my hometown), but aside from grabbing a bite at one of the restaurants right by the highway, we’ve never really ventured into the city.

Once we decided on making Kingston our Canada Day destination, I started researching hotels.  After being oh so close to booking a room at one of the normal chains, I came across the one and only Hotel Belvedere.

Talk about HISTORY!!! This hotel was built in 1880 as a private home and was later turned into a hotel in the 1920’s.  In the 1940’s Vogue Magazine called it “the only reasonable place to stay between Montreal and Toronto”! The hotel consists of 20 completely different rooms each decorated in their own unique style complete with antiques and all! (source)  Needless to say, the moment I read the history on this place, I immediately dropped them an email to see if they had a room available the night of July 1st.

The hotel was located in the heart of downtown Kingston surrounded by some of the most incredibly breathtaking historical houses and buildings I have ever seen!! (there will be a separate post of all of those incredible shots that we took) We arrived right at check-in time and were greeted by a very kind, smiling face. It was at this time where we were told that we had been upgraded to a larger room than what we booked. (sooo nice of them!) And boy was it ever a room!!

It was hands down the coolest and most unique hotel we have ever stayed at.

The terrace (where we had our breakfast) was to die for!

Once we got all settled in our room, we ventured out for a walk downtown. One of the best things about this mini trip was that we parked the car when we arrived and never once got in it until we left the next day. Our feet were our transportation and it was great! I never realized how beautiful Kingston was! If you are ever in the area, or just wondering where to spend a weekend, GO TO KINGSTON!!

We spent several hours walking the streets of downtown and found that some of the coolest features were the little hidden areas behind and between buildings and restaurants.  When looking for a place to grab a drink, we spotted a David’s Tea on the strip.  The moment we walked inside we knew that this was where we were going to get our drink as it had the coolest little space out back!

Chris doesn’t remember what he had, but I had the Lime Gelato Tea (a mixture of green tea, lime and yogurt) and it was off the hook!

Chris loved his mysterious tea as well. 😉

Now how about this little spot?!  This was part of the David’s Tea shop hidden out back.  We were the only ones out there and it was like we were in a different world far from everything and everyone. It was incredible!

Once we had cooled down for a while (man it was a HOT day!) we continued on with the afternoon by walking more of downtown Kingston and checking things out along the water.

Once we felt hungry enough we made our way to Lonestar where I enjoyed a grilled steak stir fry and Chris enjoyed a quesedilla.  We were so hungry at this point that we totally forgot to snap some shots.  It was that good!!! 😉

With our tummies full, we walked back to our hotel to relax for a little while and then change before heading back downtown for 9pm to attend the Haunted Walk Of Kingston. We forgot to bring the camera a long (on purpose lol) as we didn’t want it to ruin the ‘mood’. Although the walk wasn’t as scary as we hoped… Canada Day might have not been the best day to do the walk as the fireworks were going off through the duration.  We also weren’t so lucky and got a guide who was on his first day of work. The poor guy was so nervous and had a tough time getting out the stories and making it seem scary.  We did see some amazing buildings and architecture that we hadn’t seen on our walks earlier in the day, so it was still totally worth it.  By 11pm that night we crashed……. although I didn’t have the best sleep because someone!!! (you know who you are) got me thinking that their might be ghosts in our hotel and had me thinking every tiny noise in the room was a ghost!

Saturday morning, we enjoying our complimentary continental breakfast on the terrace at the hotel and then walked back downtown to take a look at the farmers market and grab a second breakfast of eggs and toast. 😉 We like our food!!!  We had one last stop to make before leaving Kingston and that was to go to prison!!!!!

hehehe We didn’t actually go to prison – that’s the Kingston Penitentiary above – fully operational and occupied by criminals.

We actually went across the street to the Kingston Penitentiary museum! (I’m a huge museum buff)

We saw some really cool things in this museum including a hollowed out stack of cafeteria trays that a prisoner actually used to escape in the ’70s!!! (he was later caught). We would have loved to actually go in the old prison that was built in the 1800’s by prisoners, but sadly it’s closed to the public due to mold and decay.  Queen’s University owns the building and unfortunately is not doing anything to keep this historic building alive.  We were told in the museum that they’re essentially leaving it to fall apart and deteriorate. It’s such a shame because there’s so much history in that place and it would be cool to see inside of it.

At least we were able to get close to the building on the outside…

I bet you there are a lot of ghosts in that place!!!!

Upon finishing our exploration of the old prison, we hit the road and headed on home. It was a nice quiet, pleasant drive with minimal traffic. Perfect in my opinion.

I then spent Saturday afternoon weeding the back patio so that my Sunday afternoon could be spent like this…

I then grilled this Sunday evening for supper… asparagus, potatoes, and turkey & herb burgers.

I also made this for dessert … a chickpea chocolate chip blondie.

It was the perfect end, to a perfect long weekend, with the most perfect and amazing husband a girl could as for. 😉


2 thoughts on “Our July Long Weekend

  1. Wow this looks like a fantastic trip!
    I love weekends away with my other half 🙂
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now (and loving it) and I thought that, seeing how I now have my own, I’d better comment so hi!

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