Sad and Depressed…

I was on such a good roll here with my blog, but something has been going on. I’ve been trying to hold this all in, but maybe I’ll feel a bit better if I just write it all down.

For the past month, I’ve been suffering with a mysterious case of hives.  They first appeared in a small form on my forearms one Friday at the beginning of June. I remember being so puzzled at the time as to why they were there. I went home that night not thinking much of them and went for a run.  They didn’t seem to get worse during the run, but later on that night I notice one pop up on my side. It was then when I decided to head to the drug store and get some Benedryl.  Luckily the next Tuesday I had a physical scheduled with my new doctor (my previous doctor moved to a new city – 😦 boo!!).  The hives were still on me in a small form and she said just to try Reactine to see if it helps.

The Reactine seemed to help for a few weeks and then last week, it hit me again. This time it was MUCH WORSE. The hives started showing up 2 Mondays ago and by Tuesday of last week, my thighs were covered.  The funny thing about these hives is that I wake up each day with them in different places on my body.  They appeared in different places every day since Monday June 27.

This week they’ve been HORRIBLE.

I woke up Monday morning with hives all over my body and even on my eye lids.  That is when I decided to call my doctor again.  I went to see her that afternoon and after a quick examination, she sent me down to the lab for MANY blood tests just to make sure nothing was going on internally. They took 6 viles of blood from my tiny body. It was not fun! (I don’t do well with needles) That night things seemed to get progressively worse and when I woke up Tuesday morning I was completely covered!!! I couldn’t even sit because I had big welts all over the backs of my thighs and butt! I finally broke down that morning when I saw them and had a bit of a panick attack….distresed calls to my doctor only resulted in  my taking a stronger dose of the Benedryl in the afternoon to try and ease my suffering. (you have no idea how bad these things itch and burn at the same time!)

Benedryl doesn’t help.

Reactine doesn’t help.

Claritin doesn’t help.

The only sign of hope I’ve received this week was when my dr’s office called late yesterday to tell me that my blood tests all came back negative and internally I as healthy as expected. The next step is the dermatologist and I’m still waiting to hear back from the dr’s office as to where/when I’ll be going for that.

I am tired. I am frustrated. I am sad. I am embarrassed. I am depressed.

I wanted to wear a nice skirt to work today but opted for jeans because the nasty hives on the backs of my thighs just look gross. My arms are covered in red welts… they were even on my neck and face this morning. I know I can’t really control it right now, but it’s so embarrassing.

The constant wonder as to what the cause of these is, paired with the fact that they just won’t go away has also made me feel a bit depressed. It’s just so frustrating to wake up every morning with itchy red welts all over your body.

I’ve tried searching online for some sense of hope in terms of some sort of relief. I did read of a few methods to try, but mostly reading online has just made me even more sad and depressed. My online research has lead me to read about many people who suffer chronic hives (as in they get them daily for years) and never know the cause! .. oh how I hope I haven’t become one of those people…

I’m really hoping that I’m just allergic to something and that the dermatologist visit will be the first step to figuring this thing out.

With all that being said, I do have some awesome pictures from mine and Chris’ long weekend and I will get to posting them. Maybe tomorrow?  For now, I just find myself in a big slump and just can’t get my mind off of these blemishes all over my skin. 😦


5 thoughts on “Sad and Depressed…

  1. Sorry to hear you’re going through these! Maybe ask to have an allergy test done? It’s more needles, but if you’re allergic to something, it’s good to know and will most likely make them disappear 🙂 Are you taking any new vitamins or supplements? I got really bad reactions (little spots all over my body) to my B vitamins until I found the right ones..

    On a positive note, at least you got these AFTER your wedding party 😀 Always looking for the bright side.. Get better soon, and blog more :p

    • Oh how i wish it was as easy as just going to get an allergy test! lol I wait not to get an appt. with the dermatologist and then I’m assuming he’ll send me to an allergist… well at least I hope!! I want to know what’s causing this!

  2. Awww i’m sorry you are having such a hard time!
    I agree with the poster above me, are you taking any allergy medicine or something that could be causing it? I’m allergic to allergy medicie, lol! I get blisters and blotches all over my chest, its crazy
    I hope they clear up ASAP for you
    Feel better 🙂

    • Believe it or not, I’ve been racking my brain for weeks now trying to figure out something different I might be eating/using/doing…. nothing comes to mind. It’s frustrating!

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