Inspiring Tuna Burgers

I knew that the stresses of the past year had finally melted away last night after I made my last post and found myself feeling that passion of snapping some really great shots of my supper. (along with some wicked garden shots which you’ll see tomorrow)

Last Friday, I came across a new blog. I don’t remember how I found it, but the moment I clicked the link to visit “can you stay for DINNER?” I was hooked.  I probably spent over an hour just browsing through Andie’s blog and reading about the incredible journey she has been on over the past several years. Andie, if you’re reading, you are an amazing talent and are a great inspiration. Keep it up! 🙂

Anyway, I immediately book marked many recipes to try out and last night, I gave one a shot.  I decided to try her recipe for Lemon Garlic Tuna Burgers which I then served with some cucumber salad and bbq’d fries.

I followed Andie’s recipe to a tee for the burgers. The only difference was that I grilled them on the bbq vs. turning the oven on and baking them. (we’re holding off as long as possible to turn our AC on to keep costs down) I chilled them for about a half hour after assembling and then they only needed a little brushing of olive oil before hitting the grill and ta-da! ..served on a whole wheat english muffin (toasted on the grill), a tiny blob of mayo, a slice of tomato and some baby spinach leaves.

I wanted something fresh and lively to serve with the tuna burger, so I decided that a cucumber salad would be a good choice.  We had one cucumber left that needed to be eaten so it worked out well.  All I did was slice the cucumber, then toss it in some s&p, about 1tbsp lemon juice and a big spoonful of Greek yogurt. I just love the simplicity of this side.

No burger is complete without a side of ‘fries’, so I decided to make some of those as well. I just love grilling on the bbq. It makes prep and clean up so much easier!  As for these fries, all I did was slice the potatoes, toss in a bit of olive oil and salt then I tossed them on the grill to cook while I cooked the burgers. (although the fries went on first as they took a bit longer) They were perfection.

It was most definitely a fantastic meal (although Chris, the non-lemon lover in my life may not agree 100%), that I will make again. I loved the freshness of the burger along with the crispy fries.

My inspiration for food and life is starting to come back and I couldn’t feel better. 🙂

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