And Now I Can Breathe

Honestly, the past year has gone by in a flash.

It all started with the epic proposal in May 2010…then came the stress of getting family on board for a destination wedding…next up picking the resort…getting everyone to book…picking a dress…etc… April came and went and as a result, we were newlyweds!  We thought it was only fair to hold some sort of post-wedding celebration so that we could celebrate our marriage with friends and family that were unable to make it down south with us. Because of this, we arrived home from Jamaica to continue on with the invites and planning as if we were to be getting married all over again!

This past weekend we had the party.

With the help of my mom, 90+ cupcakes were made…

80 of our closest friends and family got together.

We enjoyed an incredible celebratory Polish feast.

Now, 3 days later, after taking some much needed time to myself (which when not at work was spent at the farm riding Chelsea) I am happy to say that I can now breathe.

Everything over the past year has been totally and completely worth it, but boy am I ever glad it’s over.

Finally there are no worries in the back of my mind about who’s going to sit with who, and if we were going to have enough food.

Finally I can take advantage of those precious moments all by myself in the yard to enjoy the world around me.

Finally Chris and I can relax and enjoy our new life together as a married couple.

…I can’t wait to kick it off right with a quiet little weekend away.

We should now be back to our regular blogging program tomorrow. 😉


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