T-2 Days Until the Post-Wedding Party

I think I lost my sanity several weeks ago, but finally it’s almost here!!!

Cupcakes are baked awaiting my trusty frosting technique Saturday morning.

Centerpieces are ready to be assembled.

The final seating plan has FINALLY been agreed upon.

Our playlist for the evening is 3.3hrs long….a few more to go! 😉

The video/slideshow is oh so close to being complete!

And then there were flowers…. (the only teaser you’re getting for our upcoming party)

Can you guess which ones will be the show stoppers in our centerpieces??? 😉

Now back I go to movie/slide show making!

So much to do!

p.s. I managed to get in a 3.3km run in on Tuesday night and felt no pain until maybe the last 2 minutes of the run. Some improvement!


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