The Garden – Week 5

There wasn’t much difference between weeks 3 and 4 so I decided to skip this post last week.  We’ve since had a TON of sun and there are finally some big obvious changes happening out in the gardens.  I’m thinking we’ll be getting to eat some of our own fresh produce very soon!!!

Let’s start with the tomatoes.  Tomatoes are one of my favourite things to grow. Absolutely nothing beats a fresh tomato straight from the vine.

Look how big they’ve gotten!

I got really excited when I took a closer look…

Do you see what I see? We’re going to be getting some tomatoes soon!

The cherry tomato plants are getting ready to start producing too!

And we all know what goes well with fresh tomatoes…

Aside from a few yellow leaves at the bottom, the basil is thriving too.

I’m guessing we’ll be eating salads with our own lettuce in maybe 2-3 more weeks..

And we might even get to dig into the kale this coming week!

The brussels sprouts plants are going strong, but no sign of any produce yet. I’ve never grown these before, so it’s interesting to see their growing process.

As for my beans… Still having trouble getting some green bean plants to sprout!!! And something won’t stop eating my yellow bean plants. I remember having this issue a few years ago and I ended up losing my plants.  I read to plant marigolds to keep pests away, but they’re obviously not working. Does anyone have any tips???

Vegetables aside, the flowers and perrenials are also doing well.

New perrenials have popped up… (along with more pesky weeds lol)

There’s even sign of some new flowers all ready to bloom.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the progress thus far. I look forward to having our reception behind us so that I can finally have the time to relax and enjoy this space for the summer!


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