Women On The Run 5K – Recap

On Saturday, June 11, I ran a 5K.

It was the Women On The Run 5K which was in support of the annual Girls On The Run 5K.  All proceeds for the Women run went towards the Girls On The Run program, so that’s pretty awesome. If you missed my post about Girls On The Run, check it out here! 🙂

Anyway, back to the run!

I was particularly excited about this run as it was going to be the first race I’ve ever done with a fellow blogger!  I’ve been following Aneta’s blog for a while now and was stoked when she expressed interest in doing this race with me.

The morning of the run was, ummmm… interesting!!  Since it was being held at Downsview Park in Toronto, we knew we’d have almost an hour drive ahead of us – providing the traffic was good.  With that being said, we left the house around 6:30 with the plan to make a quicky stop in at McD’s for an egg McMuffin for me (and a few for Chris) — note: ask for no butter when you order an egg McMuffin and they’re actually pretty good for you — Unfortunately that stop was far from quick as they were behind in making the eggs!?!??! come on McD’s!!! I was STRESSING as we wasted about 15 minutes of travel time waiting for breakfast!  Thankfully there was next to no traffic going into the city, so we were able to make it there shortly after the 7:30 registration time.

Aside from the group of maybe 30 police officers, it was hard to imagine what the day was going to turn into.  There was next to no one there when we arrive, which in turn made it easy to find Aneta!

Believe it or not, despite the fact that the confirmation email state that our run was sold out, Aneta and I were 2 of only 11 runners in our race! How funny is that!  The only thing we could think of was that maybe the official Girls On The Run 5K (which was to be held a couple of hours after our race) was the one that was sold out.  I believe they had over 1200 girls alone running with their families.

Here we are at the starting line (the lack of runners looks so sad!)

Waiting for the last 2 runners to join us

And we’re off!

So my thoughts on the run…

Running a 5K after over a week off = not so fun! 😉 lol I was having issues with my toe and calf the week before the run – remember when my toe went black after my 10K in May?, well the nail finally fell off… as for my calf, I’ve been fighting this same darn injury since March!  I was dead set on doing this particular race though so I rested up until the big day.

Now back to the run ;)… I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Aneta for being my run buddy and sticking with me for what felt like a very long 5K. The rough gravel pathway wasn’t the most ideal terrain in my opinion, and the hills, well they just sucked.  I needed several walk breaks to get through the race (seriously we had to run all the hills while going directly into the wind!), BUT when it was all said and done we did it! It was really nice having Aneta there to push me when I needed it and chat with me throughout to keep my mind off of my upset body. (no more races for me if I’ve been off over a week ahead of time!)

I was definitely happy to see that finish line when we turned that last corner! And to add a little corny note, even happier to see my smiling hubby waiting for us at the end! 😉 ♥ you babe.

To our surprise, we were given medals at the finish line!  It was something neither of us expected and it made the whole experience that much sweeter.

Post-race, we went over to grab some snacks to refuel and snapped a few more shots before parting ways.

Remember how I said there was barely anyone there when we arrived???? That had certainly changed by the time we had finished our run. 😉 Girls were coming in by the bus load!! Knowing that they were all there to run their own 5K just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over!

We had contemplated staying around to watch the girls run but with over an hour and a half to go, we decided to head on home. At least we knew that the girls will have all the support they needed with all of their amazing families there!

All in all, it was a great run when it was all said and done.

Would I do it again? Hands down YES.

Maybe one day I will have a work schedule that will allow me to actually get even more involved in this incredible association!! 🙂

***a big thanks to Chris for taking all of these awesome shots for us!


2 thoughts on “Women On The Run 5K – Recap

  1. yay for our race! it was fun!
    see you there next year. we should maybe do it as a blogger event and invite all other local bloggers!

    happy first day of summer.

    hope your feelign fine. when i noticed that you have not blogged in over a week, i was starting to worry. hope all is good! 🙂

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